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Interview: George Cosby

Wednesday 18 November 2015

Spindle speaks with emerging singer-songwriter George Cosby as he releases his new EP.

Talk us through your new EP.
I really wanted to do a three track EP. It does seem a lot of EPs are just one song plus filler, so I wanted to give each song their own moment and try and tie them all together. Three songs with a similar subject matter. I always saw the EP a bit like a film soundtrack – everything can have its own character while still being distinctly related. You spiral through the different layers. On the EP there is one song where it is just me and a guitar, another founded on piano chords and Ritual Blush which is very guitar driven. Hopefully the feeling people take away from it is the similar, whatever the arrangement.


Do each of the three songs have a different mood setting?
Yeah I think they do have their own individual moods while all focusing on relationships. Ritual Blush is definitely one of those break up songs. It’s about caring deeply for someone but knowing that there is something that isn’t right at that particular moment in time.


Was this personal to you or just a subject matter?
That one was. The awkward thing about that song was I wrote that while it was still going on.


Do they know it was about them?
I’d imagine so. She’s probably got some shocks coming up.


You have quite a distinctive voice – have you always had this or has it developed?
When I was really young I used to sing in school choirs – I guess when you stop being taught how to sing you can go off and do your own thing. I used to spend days on the computer with just headphones and a microphone just listening to everything back and experimenting. You eventually just disappear down a certain route. It went quite deep and then the range got bigger, so it’s something that’s developed over time.
You’ve been picked up by Burberry – how did that collaboration occur?
I’m not sure exactly how it happened but they’re great, a really nice team who are very supportive. I did an acoustic video for them and then played on their red carpet for their men’s fashion week show, it was quite surreal. The hardest part was all the paparazzi, obviously not at me but the flashing lights was quite distracting.



You have a few gigs coming up, do you have any tours planned? 
Yeah, I am playing The Pickle Factory, a new venue, on the 24th November which I am very excited about. In terms of tours that is the aim, I need to build up to that. I’d like to go on and do some support tours, but we’ll see what happens.


Who would you like to support?
I mean I would love to support people like Pearl Jam and The National. A man can dream.


Who would you like to collaborate with? 
I would have loved to have spent a day with Jeff Buckley if things had been different. It’s always fascinating when you meet other musicians who are further down the line and just see how they go about things. You can always learn of lot from the experience of others.


Is there a venue you’ve really enjoyed playing in?

I played Bush Hall a few weeks ago which is very beautiful. I think if you played somewhere like the Royal Albert Hall you could die happy. That would be pretty special.


What’s the best advice you’ve been given?
Stick to your gut I guess and learn from mistakes – quite a few people have told me that. It’s good to have a supportive team around you and people to give you advice but always remember what you set out to do.