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Interview: The Karma Killers

Thursday 05 November 2015
Words Spindle

We caught up with Micky James from the band The Karma Killers¬†after their electric performance at The Barclay Center in Brooklyn, New York. Here’s what he had to say…

How long have you been making music together and tell us the history of how you formed as a band?

Individually we have all been creating music for most of our lives. We have all been in different bands growing up throughout New Jersey. Me, Billy and Mango decided to make music with each other in the summer of 2012. I had a collection of demos laying around that I didn’t know what to do with or who would want to play on them. I didn’t want to take the ‘solo guy’ route. That would have been a void in my vision – I wanted to front a band. My friend that recorded the demos was friends with our guitarist Billy. Word of mouth spread, phone calls were shared and the three of us met. Chemistry was instantaneous. I think the next day we came up with the band name. We wanted to move fast.


Where did the name The Karma Killers come from?

There wasn’t really a secret message behind the name. Accidentally it came off with a meaning, which drew us in. Billy came up with a prototype of the name. Back and forth and back forth, someone eventually said ‘The Karma Killers’ and that was it.

Describe your music style, look and influencers?

To me, aesthetically¬†all of that goes hand in hand. You have to sound what you look like. Or role reversal. Collectively, we are into a plethora of different types of genres and artists. Fashion bands is something that has always drawn me in. And I think we all take a little bit from that and infuse it into The Karma Killers. We consider our music as ‘Night/pop’ – it’s our way of interpreting the sound of our band; the feeling, vision we sense when creating the songs. It’s an accumulation of all of our influences jammed together to make our ‘own’ sound.


You’re currently touring around the US – what was your favourite place and venue to perform in?

There were a lot of really cool spots on this last run we just did with The Struts. I would have to say, as a ‘bucket list’ venue for our band would be The Bowery Ballroom in New York City.

What are you aiming towards musically?

Creating the best version of ourselves.

Tell us about your upcoming music and projects you are working on?

Currently, myself and the boys are writing. We’re about to head into the studio for the remainder of the year to demo new ideas.

What advice would you give to fellow bands starting out in the music industry?

Find your niche. Write and perform. Intensively. And do it yourself for a while.