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Entrepreneurs Give You Advice On Starting Your Business In 2016

Wednesday 30 December 2015

As we turn our attention to plans for the year ahead, we may need some words of advice and encouragement to give us the push we need to achieve what we want to. We spoke to many inspirational people in 2015, from designers, musicians and entrepreneurs, so we decided to round up the best of their wisdom.


The first five years are really intense and tough. If you can get through this then you will successful. Don’t give up. If you persist, your dreams will come true. Surround yourself with good people. – Jane Porter, Studio 104


Do your research about your market and do it yourself. That sounds cruel, but the more that you become used to people handing you the keys to the gates, the less you’ll be able to pick the locks. If you want to be taken seriously, set yourself up professionally. Get to grips with your finances from the off and understand what your business’ key functions are. Spend wisely and only on what you have to, but don’t scrimp on the important things. Finally, never take disagreements and differences personally. It’s business, these things happen. If you’re not sure, take someone for a beer/burger/dance to make sure there’re no hard feelings. – Tersha Willis, Terrible Movement

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Be prepared to take a leap of faith, there will never be any guarantees. – Cassandra Stavrous, Propercorn

Just be yourself. Understand who you are. Establish within yourself what it is that you stand for, what your purpose is. What you will and won’t accept. That is the foundation in my opinion. – BONKAZ

Be ready to work hard. It definitely isn’t easy and in no way is an overnight success. Have a clear vision and goal in mind and never compromise. Know your audience and make sure you do your research and learn along the way. Don’t give up. – Imran Malik, Farida Apparel

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JUMP! Listen to your gut. It’s old news that you should go after what makes you happy, but oftentimes your mind is running through the unending list of challenges that you’ll face, and you quiet your instincts. On the rough days, recognize that while you won’t have a day off, no one is going to be yelling at you should you need to stroll to the office in the sunshine and meet up with a friend for your morning coffee before getting down to business. So it’s a give and take. Tielor McBride, TM1985

Don’t quit your day job until you’re certain your business can support you. Getting a grip on your finances is essential. – Sidonie Warren, Papersmiths

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It is imperative to do something you love and do it with passion. What you do today is extremely important because you are giving a day of your life for it. Your life is truly your life. It is your story to write day-by-day, line-by-line; be sure to write your story well. – Ciano Clerjuste, United Colors of Fashion

I think my team are making the world a better place through what we do. That makes me personally happy. Seeing my team happy and learning, and also seeing our customers have fun and having a say in making these things happen are the best things about running our company. Make time for yourself. Relax. You need to daydream to be good for yourself, your family, friends and team. This will help you relax and think clearly. Your best new ideas, strategies and protocols will come straight after. Entrepreneurship is a long game in the search for excellence in leadership; if you think it’s a short game, no-one will follow. – Martin Morales, Ceviche

You have to know which battles to pick. You cant do everything and you cant get it perfect every time. I try to be very strategic about which areas to really focus on and which to let slide. I also try not to get too hung up on perfection – otherwise you get paralyzed. You just have to get going. – Annabel Acton, Never Liked It Anyway