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Interview: Victoria Reed

Tuesday 08 December 2015

Singer-songwriter Victoria Reed is a natural performer. Her stunning gig at Communion at the small, intimate Rockwood Music Hall in New York was the perfect setting to fully showcase her work, yet when we initially sat down to talk she was a little shy and blushed when asked if she likes interviews. Put on the spot, she answered “I tend to just let it all out and overshare sometimes…I’m not sure if that’s a bad or a good thing” After a little giggle, some reassurance and some off the record chats we got down to asking some serious questions about her music.


Describe to us who you are as a singer-songwriter and what your sound is to someone who hasn’t heard your music?

I should know the answer to this by now. Everyone asks me, but I’m still coming up with something I’m fully satisfied with. I would say my sound is indie, pop-rock with a country lean. I grew up listening to 90s alt-rock singer-songwriters like Alanis Morissette and Natalie Merchant. That’s what I loved. Sometimes I feel like I’m a 2015 take on the 90s alt-rock goddess.


Would you be happy to be compared to Alanis Morisette and Natalie Merchant?

I would love to be compared to them. I think for me that would mean that I am definitely on the right track. Honestly, I feel if someone was to make that comparison then it means, that in some way or another, they connected with my music in a way that they connected with something else that they love or that they are interested in. That would be a huge compliment for me.



Tell us what it was like being backstage at rock concerts with your Dad (saxophonist Alto Reed) as a child – do you think this experience also influenced your sound?

Honestly, for being a rock and roll kid growing up, my early childhood was very normal. I grew up in a pretty conservative town, just outside of Detroit. It was a very family oriented and mellow environment. Things didn’t get crazy until I was around 13, when my dad started hanging out with Kid Rock. Kid and Pam started coming around and I was like “oh okay”. I suppose compared to other kids, yes my upbringing was a bit more rock and roll, but apart from that it was very normal.


Your studio is currently based in Williamsburg, which is where your music has blossomed. What has it been where to buy cheap viagra in canada like being in Brooklyn compared to Chicago and Detroit?

I lived in Chicago while I was at college but dropped out to pursue my music career here in New York. Brooklyn is the first place that feels like home to me since I left Detroit. Sometimes, it even feels like more than home to me than Detroit does these days. I just had such a beautiful landing here. My manager that brought me out here introduced me to such a wonderful group of musicians.


How do you go about writing your songs – do you write about personal experiences?

I don’t go into the studio and say, “okay let’s make it sound like this or that”. It genuinely comes to me naturally. I had only been playing the guitar for less than a year. I didn’t know how to make a certain sound on the guitar. I was so eager to start writing songs, so I just played all that I was capable of playing. If I’m feeling something intensely, I will pick up the guitar. Usually I will hum something and build the song around the first phrases that come to mind. My songwriting definitely comes from my personal experiences. I can’t stand to write a song just for the sake of writing a song. If I’m writing something and I feel like I’m forcing it then I get a nauseous feeling inside. I write songs because I am feeling something so intensely that I don’t know what else to do, and then I remember “oh I can write songs and they make me feel better, a lot better” so I just go and do that.


In your video “Make It Easy” you’re sporting a modern day boho style crop top and denim shorts. Did you get to choose your own wardrobe for this video?

I did. I’ve styled all my own everything so far, which is important to me. Yes, it’s hard sometimes to choose what to wear but I like to have fun with my own style and be different. I try to choose looks that are a little sexy and a little of everything. The top in the video is from Reformation on the lower east side. They use sustainable fabrics and vintage garments so I thought it would be a good fit for the video.


  • Check out Victoria’s video for ‘Make It Easy’. Her debut album ‘Chariot’ is released on February 26th 2016.