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Tweet to be featured: Matt Martin

Friday 07 December 2012

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Day four of Tweet to be Featured winner is Matt Martin

Photography, Curator and publisher from Brighton, 25 years old. Matt’s work has been featured in VICE, Dazed, Grazia, Twin, Spindle, Time out and The Guardian.

I have been taking photo since college where I got in to setting up exhibitions in unused shops around Exeter where I grew up.

I started the online gallery called wearelucky about 4 years ago which I made as a platform to push the talents of young and up and coming photographers.

I traveled to NYC in 2009 to intern for Tim Barber who ran Tiny vices and when I came back I moved to Brighton to work for photographer Kevin Mason.

I have been self publishing zines since college and have also had two published books by a French and Canadian publisher.

At the end of 2011 I came up with the idea for a bi-monthly open submission photography exhibition called photocopy club, which was made to get photographers to push their work off the internet and get people printing and buying photography again. This was to be done over six exhibitions back and forth between Brighton and London.

We did shows at CREATE studio and Beach and the new 71a gallery in London. Over the course of the exhibitions we have had over 2000 submissions from all over the world.

We did our last show in November at Beach which had an amazing turn out.

I now run Create publishing which is run out of Create studios in Brighton. We focus on releasing limited edition photography zines and books with photographers around the world and we also aim to push the work of up and coming Brighton photographers. We have released zines by Sam Hiscox, Kevin Mason and Eleni Mettyear and are working on two new books by Harry Mitchell and the 4th dimension, a graffiti crew from France.

I am now also the curator of Space @ Create – A new gallery space in Brighton. For 2013 we will be putting on shows and working with photographers such as Valerie Phillips, Ewen Spacer, Henrik Purienne and Paul Vickery as well as Brighton uni and other surrounding universities as well as group shows by up and coming photographers.

My plan for the future is push helping young photographers gain space to exhibit their work and to expand create publishing as well as my own photography with personal projects.

The Photocopy Club x Huck from WeLoveCreate on Vimeo.

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