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Get Fit This January: Week Two

Monday 18 January 2016

The essence of City is my Playground is about inspiring all types of people and ages to view their city and urban spaces around them as an adventure “play”ground.

Follow this stretch and flex routine to inspire a sense of free movement for your body. Repeat the flow at least three times and observe how through movement and moving, the body can receive a stretch in motion, leading to a feeling of increased suppleness and flexibility in a fun and creative way.

Flex in the City: Week II

Let the street structures become your friends and help support your shapes and body weight. Get creative with the types of lines you can flex with your body in connection to our urban furniture.  The lamppost split (below) focuses on pulling the hands down on the post whilst pushing the bottom foot down into the base of post to help maintain the static form, and encourage strength to build into the upper body and core.

week 2 a


The flex focuses on stretching out the spine with the support of the lamppost. Think bringing as much of a C curve into your back and then pulling down with the arms to support the stretch.

week 2 b


Nicola would love to see your flexes in the city. Tag ‘em up to #cityismyplayground on Instagram, and she will feature some that show off the most creative use of our street structures!

Featured image: Laurie Markiewicz