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Get Fit This January With City Is My Playground

Monday 11 January 2016

The essence of City is my Playground is about inspiring all types of people and ages to view their city and urban spaces around them as an adventure “play”ground.

Through the active outdoor urban workouts (Flex in the City) that founder Nicola Cher Geismar leads, she is championing a new style of being creative and expressing one’s physical relationship to the environment. Taking direct inspiration from our urban furniture, such as lampposts, doorways and walls, Nicola activates a sense of connectivity and play with these structures, primarily through exploring the shapes and forms we can create with our body to what’s around us in our cities. Think physical graffiti. The city becomes the canvas and the street structures turn into our tools.

Nicola has also developed an indoor workout (Free Your Spine) which aims to bring flexibility and strength into the body through short and adventurous movement sequences. In this case the body becomes the playground. The Free Your spine training program enables people to connect with the internal architecture of their body and aims to build self confidence in creative expression, as well as releasing out the back and hips.

Flex & Stretch – Week One

Follow these Pilates, stretch and core strengthening moves to lengthen and strengthen your body. Pause in each position for at least 10-15 seconds whilst taking deep inhalations through the nose and powerful exhalations through the mouth.

Planking in the City – Week One

Let the street structures become your friends and help support your body weight in your plank, whilst strengthening your core and upper body. Why not plank your way round the city by finding lampposts, columns or any other piece of urban furniture to help get creative with your planks. The city is your canvas and the street structures are your tools!

plank 1

Photo by Millie Mensah

  • Nicola would love to see your planks in the city. Tag ’em up to #cityismyplayground on Instagram, and she will feature some that show off the most creative use of our street structures!