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Interview: The Classic Kids

Wednesday 20 January 2016

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The Classic Kids – if you haven’t already heard of them, chances are you will this next year. The Classic Kids have been proving to the music industry that this upcoming foursome is taking reigns and 2016 with full force. There is lead singer and bassist Eric James, guitarists Matty Boy and Max Dean, and Mikey G on drums. Recently, the guys threw their very first release party for their new EP “Forever Strong” at The Bowery Electric in downtown Manhattan. We sat down with the guys and talked about their start, their special night and what these classic kids have in store for us next.

Since 2013, you guys have been working together as a band. Can you give me some backstory on how The Classic Kids first started?

Eric James: Well, we were just really looking to create a new kind of sound. We wanted to be really creative with our music, to create something really individual and unique to us. Something different.

Max Dean: Yeah, something different that was meaningful to us too.


What would you say the definition of a true “Classic Kid” is?

Eric James: It’s gotta be: original, reliable.

Mikey G: Got to wear leather and boots.

Matty Boy: Facial hair.

Max Dean: An overall good person. Facial hair helps too.



What are some of your biggest influences, musically? What inspires you guys to create your blend of retro and modern pop sound?

Eric James: Well, I guess you hear a lot of 80s pop in our music. But – and this might seem cliché – we really gain inspiration from everything. Honestly, I feel any genre of music can offer something creative and spark inspiration.


TCK seem to have a unique vibe, not only in your music but also in your aesthetic – such as your use of periods and punctuation, your photographs and other media content and your style/wardrobe.  How do you think this affects your overall persona and helps you stand out from other upcoming artists?

Eric James: I think it goes back to the individuality of this project. We just wanted something visual as well as audio that lets us stand out.

Max Dean: We wanted to kind of blend our overall vision together. The way that we present ourselves with our photos and our style is kind of how we want people to perceive us. And hopefully what we envision is what gets across in our music – the classic feel, the classic kids.


Your first EP “Forever Strong” came out on January 12th. What has been the most exciting part about the process and release so far?

All: Writing the music.

Max Dean: Finally just getting it out is awesome too. We had been writing this EP for about a year.

Eric James: Yeah, I mean we love writing the music, it’s our favorite part. But of course being able to perform it and share it with everyone is an amazing feeling too.


I know you all probably have different opinions on this, but what would you say your favorite song is? Why?

Eric James: For me personally, I like ‘Drive’. I think the lyrics are really relatable and a lot of people can hear them, point to a time in their lives to relate to that.

Mikey G: For me, the song that stands out to me is ‘No Matter the Distance’ because I feel like we, as a band, will literally go no matter the distance. We will try to go as far as we can go.

Matty Boy: I’m going to agree with you on that – ‘No Matter the Distance.’ It’s about being with someone and, no matter what you go through, you are going to make it if you try. That’s why it’s my favorite song. It’s like an anthem. It closes the EP really well too.

Max Dean: Now I do love ‘No Matter the Distance’, but ‘We Had It All’, lyrically, is just one of those songs that, when you hear it, you can put yourself in our shoes and be like ‘wow, I remember that relationship where “we had it all.” It’s easy to relate to it.


TCK have had quite a 2015, full of new beginnings, from joining the PR company Black Panda, to releasing your first single and music video for the song “Just Begun” and now this EP. What are you hoping 2016 will have in store?

Eric James: We are just hoping to just keep on giving people more new content, new music – we already have a bunch of new songs and videos lined up.

Matty Boy: We also would definitely love to build a bigger fan base as the year goes on. We’re still fairly new and want to get to know everybody who comes out to our shows and supports us.