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Music Monday: DJ Fresh & High Contrast ft. Dizzee Rascal ‘How Love Begins’

Monday 11 January 2016
Words Alice Bell

This video is guaranteed to wash away those January blues. In fact, never before has spandex been so unseasonably sexy.

Director Scott Cudmore takes a break from working with Michael Leblanc to produce this hilarious 80s-hybrid pastiche, which sees our dancing heroes break free from their familiar confines. Then when you least expect it – up pops Dizzee!

Scudmore says he had never done a video like this before “…more high energy, definitely poppier than my work usually is. It was a really ambitious shoot – lots of cast, lots of sets, lots of choreography, a lot of transitions and different moments to make work together. We did it all in one day, which was a little bit insane, but the crew and everybody on this project were amazing and it’s to their credit that we pulled it off. It was also a lot of fun.”