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Interview: Superfood

Thursday 22 January 2015

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Words Ailis Mara

I was greeted by a chorus of hellos as I entered Superfood’s dressing room being told to “pop a squat” by bass player, Emily. We talk lackluster but good-smelling hairspray over a gin and lemonade out of polystyrene, which luckily didn’t make us cry. Sifting through some freebies they’d received and hiding the bad ones from Carl (the trainers included Velcro).

Spindle got to talk to Superfood about their debut album, ‘Don’t Say That’, their demanding schedule of the last two years and what they’d be doing as customers at festivals. But most importantly, we got to hear about that time Ryan passed out on Brighton beach and Dom found him whilst looking out over the pier. Kind of romantic if you think about it.


Why Superfood? Do you like blueberries?

Dom: I do ironically love fruit and cooking, which I feel like a bit of a sap every time I go to the shop and buy a load of blueberries because I’m in a band called Superfood. I keep under wraps. I keep in under wraps that I like fruit; I tell people I like junk food.
The reason we’re called Superfood is because it was the first song that we wrote together, me and Ryan. We were called loads of shit names. We were called Baby100 for a bit and Junnk with two Ns.
Emily: I quite liked Baby100.

On pretty much every review about you guys out there it was ‘90s’, ‘Britpop’, ‘Blur’ for every comparison. Do you feel those are pretty accurate comparisons?

Dom: I reckon it’s a change reaction. People are lazy in journalism really. If you get over the fact that one person said it and then stop listening for bits that sound like that. I mean, I agree with them, there are bits that sound like 90s and we are influenced by bands like Blur and Pulp and stuff, and I do look a bit like Damon Albarn.
Emily: Alright mate…
Dom: Yeah, don’t care.

The debut album ‘Don’t Say That’ was out a month today (at the time of the interview), what have you been up to?

Dom: Just gigging loads. Loads of gigs. And just looking like Damon Albarn and playing songs like Damon Albarn.
Emily: Trying to be Damon Albarn.
Ryan walks in the room… Third party opinion…
Dom: Don’t I look like Damon Albarn?
Ryan: I think so.
Dom: Thank you. We’ve just been gigging and loving the reaction that people have been giving us back on Twitter and stuff like that.

And you’re album art cover, the t-shirts, the Spindle team was actually behind getting that done.

Dom: Really?! Yeah they helped us out. It was a really last minute thing but I think it looks good. I’m into it. We had a few feminist jabs. Just because its three leggy girls on the cover, they think we’re being eurghh. It’s cool though, I like it.

You know what else is cool? The video for TV, it made me really want cereal.

Dom: Mmm Fruit Loops.
Emily: Fruit Loops are bad for you though.
Full of shit and sugar.
Emily: They’re not Superfood…
Ryan: Ba dum dum cch.

You haven’t actually been together that long considering the amount of touring and writing you’ve done, how do you find the time for it all?

Dom: We haven’t. It’s been constant for the last two years really. We’ve not hand time to look after ourselves mentally, we’ve been crying.

The gin probably isn’t helping with that.

Dom: Yeah that’s what is on the rider every night “gin”. Fucking gin. Just emotional wrecks all the time. But we did get some free trainers. So silver linings and all that.

You guys have gigged with some really, really cool bands. Like Wolf Alice…

Dom: Swim Deep.
We Are Scientists, and Temples.
Dom: And Peace.
The list in never ending.
Ryan: Splash
Emily: Tribes
Dom: Mystery Jets. No we never played with Mystery Jets, gutted about that.
I went to see them when I was like 15.
Dom: They’re amazing. They’re probably my favourite band.
My friends just to take the piss because I liked this song called ‘Half In Love With Elizabeth’. A Superfood chorus of Half In Love With Elizabeth breaks out whilst Emily is trying on a bright blue Adidas tracksuit four sizes too big.
Ryan: Wear them big like Lady Soverign. Slick your hair back.
Get some hoops.
Ryan: Sporty Spice.
Emily: Wear it tonight…
Dom: You wouldn’t wear that tonight for shit.
Emily: I can wear it now though.

Who and what was your favourite tour and have you got any anecdotes you can share with us? 

Dom: Okay I’ve got a funny one. We were in Brighton. This is the one that can pop into mind that’s funny… We were supposed to be leaving at 11 and Ryan had wandered off into the night the night before, yet to be seen. We were all waiting around for him until two o’clock in the afternoon fearing the worst. Tried to call him, his phone was off.
So we walk out the hotel and over to the beach. I look out from the pier, I had a little feeling inside, I look to the right there’s just loads of ice-creams, I look to my left and I just Ryan curled up in a ball with his shoes off and a bottle of gin next to him. I wandered up to him really scared that he’d gone. I could just hear him snoring really quietly. I touched him and it was like you could hear his eyes open – insert squelch sound. Then he closed his eyes again.
Ryan: What had happened with is that I went out and I was going to go back to the hotel, but because they were supposed to be getting up at about 11 or something and it was 10, I thought I wont go in and wake them up actually, I’ll just hang around for an hour.
I thought I’d go for a little swim… I went for a little swim and then I didn’t make it back. I scrambled out of the sea and just passed out. My intentions were well because I thought I didn’t want to wake them.

That is the Brighton effect.

Ryan: Dom did last time we were in Brighton!
Dom: I was just trying to match it. I was just embarrassed I wasn’t the one going out partying.
Ryan: Running round Brighton trying to find Dom.
Dom: Found me though didn’t you?

Were you on the pier as well?

Dom: Nah I was at my mate’s house. Dom proceeds to get the picture up of Ryan passed out on Brighton beach… Which is the best thing I’ve ever seen.
Dom: I tapped the person next to me, I had to tell him, and I was like “that’s my mate that is. That’s my friend, I’ve been waiting for him for hours”. I’ve got the full sized picture which is great, it’s just beach for ages and he’s in the middle.

If you could do any festivals next summer, which would they be?

Ryan: Wilderness, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds.
Dom: I’d like to do Secret Garden Party again. And I’d like to do the big ones, like Benicassim and stuff. Coachella would be sick to do.
Ryan: All of them.

Where we would we find you guys if you were punters at a festival?

Emily: Lying on a field somewhere.
Ryan: I’d be in a cubical looking in the little mirror asking myself “where am I?”
Emily: Or “when am I?”, that’s what he’d be asking.
Dom: I’d probably just be chilling out with a cider watching a band.
Ryan: Alright, keeping it cool.
Emily: The cool one are ya? Whilst I’d be passed out in a field.
Dom: Just hanging out watching a band with some friends, smoking some cigarettes.

I saw you were taking Blue WKD with you up to Kingston.

Emily: That was the month we were only eating and drinking blue.
Ryan: We actually were.
Emily: And we were only listening to music with blue album art. So Blue and the frozen soundtrack cause it has blue on it.

Let it go.
Have you got anything special planned for tonight to mark the month anniversary of your album release? 

Dom: Burn all Carl’s clothes. Including those trainers that he’s just put on.
Carl: I’m just trying them on.
Emily: They look like Grandad trainers. Grandad high-top trainers.
Ryan: My Grandad used to call trainers bumpers. He used be like, “what are those there? I want a pair of those”. My Mum was like, “you won’t like them Dad”, so he’d ask my Uncle “get me some of those bumpers there”.
Dom: But yeah, I think we’re just gonna get proper pissed. I don’t think any of us knew it was a month since the album until you said.

I’m the bearer of good news.

Emily: Or the bearer of bad news.

The photographer is stuck in traffic so you’re waiting around…

Emily: Oh my God, can I wear this? Referring to the oversized blue tracksuit she’s got on.
Dom: I might put mine on. I’ve got a black one.
Ryan: I look like Don King in mine.
Dom: He does. He’s at the ringside waiting for Mike Tyson. You need to frost your tips.

Next year you’re headlining a European tour, how excited are you on a scale of one to ten?

Dom: I’m really excited.
Emily: Three.
Ryan: Three… hundred.
Emily: Plus one.
Ryan: Three plus seven.
Emily: Eight minus two plus four.

So a lot yeah?

Dom: Especially looking forward to the big ones like Heaven and the Rainbow Warehouse.

Isn’t that where you guys met?

Dom: Yeah. I wish we knew the exact place we met.
Emily: The smoking area is the exact place I met you (Ryan).
Ryan: I know where I met you (Dom), I met you at your old flat. I think you weren’t letting anyone else in but you let us in.
Dom: It was a small flat. Honestly, we used to leave the pub at the top of the road when it closed and just be walking home like “I just can’t wait to get home”. I’d turn around and there would be fucking forty people following me down the road. It would be like what’s the time Mr Wolf, you turn around and everyone would hide behind the cars.
Ryan: You’d head towards his flat and everyone would come out of the shadows.
Emily: I don’t think I ever went to your flat.See more on http://www.cookdinnerfaster.com

Was Emily not a chosen one?

Dom: No.