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UKTI x Spindle Present: The GREAT British Men’s Style Experience

Friday 22 January 2016

We all know that London is home to some of the world’s most cutting-edge, dynamic fashion designers and is a global capital for creative talent and innovation.

‘Brand Britain’ is known all around the world as a symbol of quality, tradition and style, so it stands to reason that there is a huge international market for UK fashion. That’s the message that Exporting is GREAT, the government’s campaign aiming to inspire and support an additional 100,000 companies to export by 2020, is highlighting.

That’s why UKTI London has partnered with Spindle and Liberty. Liberty Trade Fair takes place from 26-28 January, to offer eight emerging menswear brands the chance to attend the fair and meet with buyers and media from the US and across the world. With support from UKTI, these brands will be showing in New York for the first time with the chance to meet with buyers from some of the biggest department stores in the world, including Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue. We chat to the designers about their experiences working with UKTI and Spindle, and their hopes for their export to global markets.

Clara Martin SS16 Look 4 A


Clara Martin, Clara Martin

I’ve always heard about the UKTI supporting young London designers and they were also brought to my attention by the British Fashion Council as a great resource of information for expansion of my brand. I hope to introduce the brand to New York as one of London’s own. With Liberty Tradeshow being a young brand itself, it would be great to have them represent a young international brand, and we can hopefully stick out to buyers and press as one to remember. Working with Spindle has been amazing. They have been integral to, what is going to be, a successful New York takeover!



Hunter Mei, La Menta

The UKTI’s support is really important for new businesses like us. Especially for this New York visit we got amazing support like organising the event and helping us to discover stores. All the people from UKTI have extensive experience within the industry and this is really valuable for a new startup like us. Liberty is one of the most visited shows in New York and America is a huge market for outerwear, so we hope to see lots of amazing buyers and good orders.



Jonathan van Blerk, Eye Respect

Jim Pickles from UKTI paid us a visit and we really liked what he had to say. It’s been an absolute pleasure working with them so far. Very few agencies do what they say they can do, and I am happy to report that Spindle have over-delivered. Enough said!



Miguel de Almeida, Marcus De

I found out about the UKTI through the UK Fashion and Textile Association. They’ve always been really helpful and resourceful.

Spindle have been easy to work with, they have made the whole process frictionless. They had an understanding of my brand and its positioning straight away. The Liberty Tradeshow best suits my brand for its introduction into the US market. I hope to meet buyers, press and bloggers and introduce the brand to them for the first time. I’d also like to gain a better understanding of the market.

Tom Smarte - feat


Allon Zloof, Tom Smarte:

I was looking for information about exporting to Japan back in 2013 and thought the best thing to do was contact UKTI. It’s been invaluable. Through both the work of various International Trade Advisors and participating in UKTI Trade Missions, I’ve had both support and opportunities to meet key buyers in Japan and Sweden that I otherwise would have found much harder to achieve.

When I was approached by UKTI to see if I’d be interested in showing in January at Liberty, I thought it was too good an opportunity to miss. I’m hoping to meet key buyers and press that would be able to help us introduce Tom Smarte hats to the American market.

Spindle have been fantastic to work with. A really creative and talented bunch who really wanted to understand our brand and tell our story very well. The quality of the magazine is industry-leading and really captures the cultural moment.



Alex Verier, Haeckels:

I’d heard of the UKTI a little while ago but never managed to looking it further until it turned out one of our long term customers, Reanna, worked for the UKTI and told me all about it and helped me organise everything. It’s been really great and very straightforward, a rarity in our line of work sometimes! I would definitely recommend other small brands to look into it in the future.

I think visually Liberty really appeals to us a lot more than any of the other shows and the mix of brands combined with the dedicated grooming section, the drugstore, means that we’ll really be able to demonstrate our brand to the states.

story mfg 3


Bobbin, STORY mfg:

Working with Spindle has been ace – as a small brand we aren’t used to having so much help so it’s been a very rewarding experience for us. The UKTI have been excellent. They have given us an amazing amount of support and have already given us some great tips and tricks of the trade. The UKTI actually arranged for us to show at Liberty but it’s a great show we haven’t been able to visit before – primarily we’re hoping people who have seen our product online will get a chance to see it in person.


Sarah Hellen, Sarah Hellen:

The UKTI have been fantastic, so far I’ve been really impressed how helpful and organised they are. I’m very lucky to have been given such a great opportunity and I’m really looking forward to it. Liberty Tradeshow has a really great line up, I’m super excited to be a part of the selection of clothing and lifestyle brands that are showing there. I’m hoping it’ll be a great opportunity for exposure of my brand in a new market. Spindle have been really great team to work with on the run up to our UKTI NYC event. They have organised a super exciting event with a great venue and DJ and they have put lots of thought into complementing each designer’s brand ethos in the press leading up to the event. It’s great to see a magazine focussing on emerging brands and designers as you’re guaranteed to always discover something new and exciting.


…and that’s what they’re saying before the trip to New York. Want to follow how they get on? Follow Spindle for all of our #BritsinNewYork special content. Visit www.exportingisgreat.gov.uk to learn more about exporting to USA and beyond.