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Exclusive Premiere: Keroscene ‘Just Like Zero’

Friday 12 February 2016

We’re proud to premiere the brand new Viber Presents session from ‘multicoloured melancholy’ rockers Keroscene

Hailing from West London, Keroscene is the result of four friends and their love of music and creativity who have managed to turn their jam sessions into a double A-side single and a busy 2016 tour schedule. We caught up with the guys to talk Nirvana, genre-bending and being inspired by warehouse parties.

How did it all begin for Keroscene?

Keroscene started about two years ago in West London. We had known each other for a while and had played in a few different bands together. The idea for Keroscene came about when we all wanted to do a project that pushed the concept of what a guitar band was. We wanted to combine intense, blistering guitar sounds and avant-garde noise experimentation with more traditional 70s and 80s rock-punk song context.


Your latest track ‘Just Like Zero’ has a distinct brooding vibe, would you say this is a progression from your previous releases like Cotton Candy?

I think with our first releases like “Cotton Candy” and “Storm O.K.”, we tried to develop vivid soundscapes. We wanted to present the songs in an interesting way, combining all these different elements which we like. So whether that’s making the vocals really dreamy or making the guitars super fuzzy or trying to blend drum machines with acoustic drums, it’s all part of the spirit of Keroscene. With the new release “Just Like Zero” we pushed this idea further and we ended up with something that sounds like a blend of shoegaze and trip-hop. So yeah, there’s definitely a progression in terms of sound experimentation with our song writing.

How would you describe your sound?

The question that every new band loathes! It’s a difficult one to answer. We throw a lot of meaningless tags around like alternative rock or noise rock. But at the heart of it, we think of ourselves as a contemporary rock band – what a rock band in 2016 should sound like. Obviously, borrowing from the past, but at the same time trying to push things forward. We are all about writing powerful, emotive songs in a rock band format but then putting our own spin on it and combining it with all these eclectic elements which we like. So anything from Aphex Twin to ZZ Top goes into our musical blender. We call it multicoloured melancholy.


What inspires your songs? 

We’re inspired by the world around us. Putting on crazy shows at our warehouse parties with bands that we love is very inspiring to us. How our culture is being affected (for better or for worse) by all this new technology is another influence. I try to combine our own real life experiences with fictional story telling. So you end up with something that is personal but mixed with a fiction to give it a personal distance. In terms of bands, I’d say that our main musical influences are guitar bands with distinct sounds.  We love Sonic Youth, Fu Manchu, Swervedriver, Ministry. All bands that used guitar and lo-fi technology in unique ways.


What do you think about comparisons to bands such as Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins?

We love those bands and certainly draw influence from their sound. Growing up listening to albums like ‘In Utero’ and ‘Siamese Dream’ naturally some of it rubs off. I guess what we’re trying to do is create a sound that compliments the past but at the same time has the makings of something new. So to be compared to these bands in any way is a privilege and a sign we’re on the right track.


What’s next for Keroscene?

Aside from organising the next warehouse party we’re in the process of booking as many shows as we can this year, in the UK and hopefully beyond. We also have a tonne of music that we’re dying to release. It’s still early days for us but we have a lot of ideas in the pipeline, so the future’s looking promising.


How does it feel to be debuted on Viber Presents, the best in emerging new talent?

It feels great to have an opportunity to be involved with Viber Presents. It’s a fantastic platform to showcase emerging talent and to be a part of that is very exciting. The whole experience has been a pleasure and the live video looks amazing. We’re really happy and very grateful to everyone who’s put in the effort to make it happen.

Check out the session below!

  • Viber Presents launched in 2014 as a dedicated new music programme that lives within Viber as a Public Chat. Its goal is to feed new music conversations and content to over 500 million users globally. It allows Viber’s users to follow conversations, connect and engage with new music content and artists.