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Introducing: Skinny Living

Tuesday 14 February 2017

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With STA Travel‘s ‘Philippines Unplugged’ Spindle takeover underway, we get to know a little more about the indie soul band Skinny Living that the series follows on their 10-day tour discovering the hidden gems of the Philippines.

At first glance you’d think Skinny Living was just an upbeat indie band, but their story, much like their music, is truly inspirational. After leaving home at 19, Ryan Johnston experienced harsh financial difficulties and many hardships. It was then he decided to go to open mic nights, where Skinny Living would eventually form.

With hardship comes powerful emotive music; ‘Only I’ tells of his past, but most importantly, the perseverance needed to make it through these hardships. Now traveling across the islands of the Philippines, the boys are able to bring their motivational tunes to ears on a global scale.

The sound of Skinny Living carries a upbeat, casual, soulful vibe, but what makes the group sensational is their words. Each tune by Skinny Living is sophisticated and emotive. While sung impressively by Johnston, the harmonies sung by the band’s other members, Will, Danny and Rhys, bring these tunes to their finest.

You can expect even more big things from the band this year, but until then check out their live music on statravelsounds.com, and watch out the music video for ‘Only I’ below.