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Interview: Brett David

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Brett David is the multi-talented heartthrob and Creative Director for Rochelle’s bar in the Lower East Side, where we will be hosting our New York Fashion Week closing party this Thursday! We caught up with Brett at New York Fashion Week and chatted modelling, acting and how he’s built himself into a brand.

So, who are your favourite designers from this week’s fashion week?

I have to say the two shows I walked myself: Acid NYC and Planet Zero Motorsports for Nolcha fashion week.

planet zero

What was the favourite part of the show?

Planet Zero Motorsports is a lot of fun because it’s a motocross line, and it’s a pretty badass way to end fashion week by riding a motorcycle and in that kind of gear and Acid NYC. I had a jacket on with an actual tail.

What made you get into modelling at fashion week?

I’m 36 and I started modelling just after 32. I kind of fell into it by accident. Nolcha launched me and I’ve now got 26 shows under my belt in the last three and a half years as well as a dozen worldwide campaigns and tons of other work, it’s great!

brett david 2


So you’re absolutely loving it?

Yeah! I operate a big bar in the Lower East side, I do this twice a year, and I work jobs all year round, so I really do it all.

We overheard you’re trying your hand at acting! How’s that going?

It’s good! I’m with a new manager right now. I’m auditioning, and there’s no reason I can’t take over every industry I set out to.




We absolutely love how you brand yourself, it’s fantastic. Do you see yourself with a clothing collection in the future? Are there any other plans that you have your eyes set on?

There’s no limits as long as I don’t have to use Microsoft Excel, that’s the one thing I suck at! When it comes to creatively branding buy viagra without prescription in australia myself, nobody does it better – daddy does it all!

If you don’t use Excel, do you have someone who manages the financial side of the business whilst you work on promotion and creative direction?

My bar is owned by the parent company The Line Group. My title as Creative Director lets me handle all aspects of bringing in new and creative ways of doing business for the last three years. My CEO James handles the more operations side of things for my venue and our two others.

brett 4

How did you start out – was Rochelle’s your first bar?

Rochelle’s was in fact my first bar that I opened on my own. I wrote the business plan with my partner Stephen and pitched it to the Line Group team. They just had an epic failure with the last venue there so they needed a hit. We were the ones to give it to them. I was previously the VIP manager and Maitre D for The General at 199 Bowery and before that the GM of Sons of Essex. I had a 7 year stint running my own catering and staffing company in my 20’s as well as working for Anna Wintour personally and on call as her personal server/butler.

Do you do the modelling and acting as promotion for the bar, or is this something you want to pursue more of?

The acting and modeling helps me and it helps the bar so it is a no-brainer to push them both at the same time. I hit the modeling career late but have been thriving ever since. I definitely have that “personality” factor going for me and work my specific looks in my favor. Maybe you CAN teach an old dog new tricks after all!

Brett, thank you!