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J Hus Releases New Video For ‘Friendly’ On The Back Of Internet Success

Thursday 04 February 2016

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The way we consume music has seen a seismic shift. Gone are the days of relying on radio stations or Top of The Pops to curate the music that we listen to. We now have access to an innumerable amount of budding musicians limited only by our own imaginations. The internet has put the power in our hands, and we are no longer shoehorned by corporate-sponsored radio stations into listening to anything that we don’t want to.

The shift has been so great that these various outlets now look to us for guidance on who to sign or who to put on their playlists. One only needs to look at J Hus for example: his debut mixtape The 15th Day managed to achieve an impressive 1 million plays in its first month. As an unsigned artist this would have been an impossible feat before the inception of the World Wide Web. Not one to rest on his laurels, J Hus followed up this success with the release of the hugely popular single Lean and Bop which he released through urban music outlet SBTV and to date has amassed a whopping 4.5 million plays. These remarkable statistics and J Hus’ unique brand of Afrobeat-infused Rap has not gone unnoticed: he has now landed himself a record deal with Black Butter Records.

His latest release Friendly looks to follow on from the success of Lean and Bop. Listen to it right here: