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8 Alternative and Beautiful Records you must hear before you pass away.

Wednesday 16 March 2016
Words Spindle

1. Deru – 1979 – [2014]

Certain things in life are eery, haunting and bring a sense of skepticism about life to oneself. I listen to this record, 1979 by Deru when I want to hear some saturated, sound-scaping. It’s Aural Meditation; a physical-less Yoga undoing the knots in my upper back and bringing sound echelons to my hearing orifices simultaneously.
You must hear this record… it’s honestly 42 minutes of stoned, sexy layers that will redefine the way you see and understand reality.

2. Lubomyr Melnyk – Concert-Requiem (Islands) – [1983]

I was introduced to contemporary music genius Lubomyr Melnyk by good friend Igor Bruso of band DEATHS. A leader in his forté and creator of “continuous music”, this Ukrainian composer and pianist stands at the top of the leaderboard for me in terms of being one of my main inspirations for moving and soul-soothing music.
There’s no doubt that he’s in the league of the greats, up with another of my classical composers Ryuichi Sakamoto. You must hear this early recording, Concert-Requiem. It’s incredibly touching.

3. Thievery Corporation – The Richest Man In Babylon – [2002]

One of the many great Dub/Downtempo records, influenced by many excerpts of World music, Thievery Corporation’s The Richest Man In Babylon is one of the top few I’ve heard, thus owning the Vinyl.
Definitely one to throw on the player when you’re kicking back with your new Tinder swipe, a bottle of Red and all of your favourite “get-into-bed-NOW” one liners.
Sultry, sexy, well-bodied and bringing a sense of all the four elements into your mundane bedroom, this record released in 2002 is one to definitely enjoy wholeheartedly this coming Sunday…

4. S U R F I N G – Deep Fantasy – [2012]

Not being one to listen to Vaporwave on a regular basis, I came across this one by fluke, and I really do feel that this is a good album in terms of arrangement, production and vibes. It feels like an LSD trip through late night Cali in the early 80s… well, this is how I envisage the record whilst listening anyway!
With psychedelic chorus drenching every track, hallucinogenic horn samples, mischievous fade-outs and wonderful feels all round, this record by S U R F I N G is one I keep coming back to, time and time again.

5. The Necks – Sex – [1989]

Experimental Jazz is a new genre for me but these guys sit in the middle of it, and do a great job. After listening to quite a few records by The Necks after finding “Sex”, I came (no pun intended) to the conclusion that this was their best record in terms of arrangement, recording and caputuring something downright beautiful in the studio they were opening up in.
This Australian trio, who formed in 1987, two years before this record was finished, have my heart for sure and hopefully yours too.
Wonderful shit.

6. Slow Meadow – Slow Meados – [2015]

If Ambient, Neoclassical music is your kinda thing, more so than Deru (see above), then this is for you. This record changed my perception on how I imagine my funeral albeit a cold thought.
A stunning symphony of prettiness, absorbed by strings, distant pianos, shimmering pads and wonderful time-consuming steadiness, Slow Meadows self-named cut really does set a Slow Meadow type atmosphere whilst dreaming away through the listening of it. Give it a go, take a nap, think of your future.

7. Temples – Sun Restructured (Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve Reanimation) – [2014]

This is a great record. Temples Sun Structures was one of the best selling vinyl releases in 2014, self produced by the band’s very own James Bagshaw. It’s very much in the realm of Kevin Parker (Tame Impala)… but I much prefer this Restructured re-work of the popular record. It’s one of the best things to listen to, especially if you love analog, tape, and all things vintage. This has one of the highest quality productions in a record I’ve heard in the past few years. Sensational, infact. Take a listen NOW. It won’t disappoint!

8. Joep Beving – Solipsism – [2015]

First time I heard Sleeping Lotus from the Solipsism record, I most definitely kept sighing in disbelief. I grew up playing the drums in my teens, but later moved to Piano, in an attempt to unravel and bring out deeper emotions other than aggressiveness. I believe that to be a composer takes wisdom, aforementioned aggressiveness that’s been pre-meditated and converted into promising optimism, and during the conversion process you take on a new realm of understanding yourself.
The best thing I’ve realized about Joep Beving, is that no matter how many times you repeat listens of the record, you hear something new, and everytime you do, you take that inspirational moment and help it expand your thinking, moving on past negative self-image and stepping into the healthy world of self-belief.
I haven’t seen Beving live, but it’s definitely on my to-do list.
Embark on the musical journey of Solipsism now.

Words: Josh Christopher