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Interview: AOSOON

Wednesday 27 April 2016
Words Spindle

We catchup with London based duo AOSOON who tell us about their latest track ‘City’, why British music is so great and how they keep their creativity.

What does AOSOON stand for? 

A lot of something out of nothing

Tell us about the new single ‘City’?

It’s about getting out of the city. getting out of your comfort zone. travelling, feeling fresh experiencing new things. Life should be about adventures, were big on adventures.

What’s your favourite city, and why? 

London it’s definitely one of the most interesting you could live in today. There’s just so much happening, so many types of people, places to go. besides its our hometown it’s where we grew up, where are friends and family are. 

Where’s your favourite spot in London?  

It changes a lot but Richmond park is the place right now anywhere with lots of open space and green that’s does it right now.

Would you swap city life for the countryside? 

We’re both city kids at heart but I think I could see myself moving to the country side someday. Right now it’s music, parties, and just soaking up stories.

What do you think makes British music stand out on a global level? 

British culture has always been different from the rest of the world, there’s a real edge to it all. I think the English accent helps a lot too.

Other than music, what else do you do to get your creative juices flowing? 

Yoga & meditation

How much say do you have in the creative for your music, such as music videos, record artwork?  

We’re all the way hands on with anything creative, It’s really important for us to haven’t that way. It’s what’s makes us different from everyone else

Who are your favourite creative to work with? 

Haha that’s easy, each other.

Tell us about an emerging talent we should look into? (could me musician/artist/designer)  

jackdln he’s a London graphic designer from Peckham were currently working with him on some cool things.

Has the internet helped or hindered your music (and creativity)? 

The internet has definitely helped our music it has its downsides too but what doesn’t you just find more creative ways to make it work for you.

What’s on your rider?

 Beer, fried chicken, Dr broner soap, batteries, veggie chicken, 2 cup espresso maker

 What’s your favourite band T shirt you own? 

There not a band but we’re really into NASA merchandise so if you come across anything bring them to our shows for us.

What was the first record you bought? 

Shanks and Bigfoot – sweet like chocolate 

Sweet or Savory?

 A bit of both 

 London or New York? 


Online or Print/Analogue? 

Definitely print/analogue there’s nothing like being able to touch and feel something you’ve just spent your money on.

Touring or Recording? 

That’s a tricky one It’s a bit like the Chicken or the egg there both really important you can’t have one without the other