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Female Vocals at The Great Escape: Interview With Let’s Eat Grandma

Thursday 26 May 2016

Teenage “Psychedelic Sludge Pop” duo Let’s Eat Grandma have today shared the above video for latest track Eat Shittake Mushrooms. Having just played Brighton’s The Great Escape at the weekend, they are also set to play Islington’s Electrowerkz on June 1st, ahead of the release of debut album I, Gemini on June 17th. They kindly agreed to answer a few questions for Spindle – about The Great Escape, musical inspirations, songwriting, and punctuation!

Who did you most enjoy at The Great Escape?
We discovered a pretty rad new band that go by the name of The Noisy Pots. They were on the street corner playing synths, but also a collection of pots, pans and cans – plus a drum kit made out of buckets! It was their cover of Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Ur Freak On’ that really got us. Other than that, Songhoy Blues were incredible!

Favourite Brighton discovery?
We found a 100% vegan restaurant, where Jenny demolished a “beef”, “bacon”, “cheese”, hash brown, lettuce, fried banana and peanut butter burger.

Inspirational female vocalists?
Our grandmothers, who are opera singers.

Have you made music together since you became best friends at age four?
We’ve always sung duets together on SingStar… We thought we’d nailed ‘Shut Up’ by The Black Eyed Peas, but we almost always got rated either “Wannabe” or “Tone Deaf”, so getting to this stage in our careers in quite an achievement, I suppose.

How do your songs come together? And who does what?
It depends on the song – we definitely haven’t got a formula. The writing process is a complete joint effort though, and sometimes the part we’re playing live might have been written by the other person, or played by the other person in the recording.

Do you produce your own music?
Will Twynham produced ‘I, Gemini’. We wouldn’t know how to begin with production at this stage, but it’s something we’d like to learn and have more input in in the future.

How did you go from making music together to having a record deal with Transgressive, at such a young age?
We played a lot of gigs in Norwich, and Kiran Leonard (legend btw) noticed our band name on a poster and thought “what is THAT!?” so checked us out online, then put us in touch with our previous management, who got us our record deal.

Are you doing A-Levels? If, so which ones?
Well we’re at music college, but we’re a bit worried as we have to go in for a meeting with our course manager next week, regarding matters related to our attendance…

Are you both excellent at punctuation? (see link)
We wouldn’t go that far! Rosa still has no clue what a semi-colon is; or how to use it.

Let’s Eat Grandma are also playing at Field Day and Visions Festival.

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