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Create our future history, be a collector with Safe Store

Tuesday 07 June 2016
Words Spindle

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When you think of storage units you usually think of drab, warehouses, slightly eerie type spaces that you only go to in-between moving home, no?

Then there are those who collect our future history, and use storage units as archaic Aladdin’s caves.

Take Gerry Wells for instance, who fell in love with radios as a kid, and ended up building up his collection to be museum worthy (housed in his garden shed) which you can visit by appointment in Dulwich

Introducing Safestore collector’s series; inspired by today’s throw-away culture, the self storage company challenges modern ‘minimalist’ trends which suggest that throwing everything we own away is the key to happiness.  Why do we call it hoarding, when it’s collecting something we love and enjoy? If we didn’t collect, then we’d have no content for exhibitions and museums. Especially today as we live in a disposable digital world, where everything can easily be deleted and get lost in cyber space.

“If we all lived by minimalist rules we’d have no one like Gerry in this world who successfully preserved our past for future generations”. – Dave Cox

So now, what will you collect?

You can view the videos on Safestore’s YouTube channel, Facebook page and Instagram