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Female Vocals at The Great Escape: Interview with Frankie Cosmos

Wednesday 01 June 2016

Just before her show at The Haunt on the Saturday night of The Great Escape, I had a quick chat with Greta Kline of Frankie Cosmos. Greta’s boyfriend is Aaron Maine from the band Porches, and her parents are Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates (from Gremlins!).

So, which bands do you want to see while you’re at The Great Escape?
Well, I’m only here until tomorrow morning, but I’m excited to see Porches tonight!

What do you think of Brighton?
It’s nice! We had all day yesterday and all day today to just chill. But actually, it was kind of exhausting as there’s so much to do! So we took a nap on the beach.

What made you change your name from Ingrid Superstar to Frankie Cosmos? And has the music changed?
I found out that Ingrid Superstar was already a person – one of Andy Warhol’s superstars in the 80s. And Frankie Cosmos is a name that buy viagra online melbourne Aaron made up, when we were first dating. I think the music changed a little bit because I was in love – Ingrid Superstar was a lot more sad.

Who are your favourite female vocalists?
Ooh, so many! One of my favourites is Connie Converse – a weird, reclusive musician, who was really ahead of her time, I think. She’s from the 60s, but her recordings just got discovered in the last five years. Also, Joanna Newsom, who’s playing End of the Road (which is the coolest thing ever, as we’re playing too!)! And, a British band called Kero Kero Bonito! I basically stalked them into being my friends.

What made you choose the music route, rather than being an actress?
I never had any interest in acting at all, and music was something that I really cared about. Easy decision!

Frankie Cosmos play Tufnell Park’s The Dome on September 8th!