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Interview: Cellars

Wednesday 08 June 2016

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We catchup with Cellars about their synthpop sound, the donnie darko inspired name, and their latest video…

1. Tell us where the name Cellars came from?

The line from the movie Donnie Darko (which I have only seen once) “‘cellar door’ is the most beautiful combination of words in the english language” really stuck with me and I do find that the word “cellar” is quite lovely. It also implies a darkness and sense of suspense that I find endearing.

2. Your fashion style is very 80s inspired. If you were to have a designer style your look, who would it be?

I just discovered Jonathan Anderson’s work and I adore what he shows on the runway. Very fun, very 80s, with a modern perspective. I also found this really fun designer at this shop in NYC who has a line called Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy. His stuff is really whimsical and adorable.

3. We love your synthpop sound, did this style come naturally to you or was it created over time?

It took me getting out of my post-punk and shoegaze comfort zone and listening to more bedroom and 80s pop, latin freestyle, krautrock and darkwave/synthpop in college before I really developed my current sound. I played guitar as my main instrument from ages 12-18 and then started experimenting with synthesizers and writing on keyboards and programming drums, which brought about the sound I have now.

4. You recently did a cover of ‘she looks just like you’ by Sean Nicholas Savage, would you say his work inspires your music?

I just heard him for the first time about 6 months ago, but he is definitely and inspiration and I find a lot of beauty in his music and expression.

5. Your new album ‘Phases’ is due for release on April 15th. Tell us about your collaboration with Ariel Pink and the creative process behind this album.

Collaborating with Ariel was a dream, I was with him and Don Bolles in the studio for quite some time and they both had such interesting and out of the box ideas that really brought my demos and songs to life. I brought a bunch of pre-recorded material into the studio and we all shaped it from there, layering more synths and vocals, adding live drums, changing some drum patterns, etc… it was very much an additive process and really fun.

6. What is your favourite song on your new album and why?

It changes from time to time but currently I really enjoy performing the track called “I’m Feeling”. It’s a really upbeat and danceable track that feels like a time machine back to 1983.

7. We love your new video for ‘Nighttime Girl’. What was the concept behindthis video and what was it like to film it?

Thank you! The basic concept was meant to intend a sort-of contrast between the daytime scenes and the “nighttime girl” performances, with an eerie and surreal aspect added in with the dancers. The shoot was a ton of fun, albeit lasting for about 21 hours. I’m amazed we got it all in one day. It was a lot of work too, I ate a sandwich while getting my hair done for the next scene and that was basically the only break I had until we wrapped. Same with our director John Charter and the DP Rainer Lipski… I have a newfound respect for anyone working in film, shooting is crazy hard work. It all paid off in the end though, the video quality came out excellently and they got some beautiful shots, and everyone on board had a really good time.


You can stream Cellars album HERE


Words: Ailis Mara