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Wednesday 15 June 2016

The design duo behind the brand, Saif Bakir and Emma Headlund, played on their recent trip to Morocco to inspire the body of their SS17 collection. “We really liked the stuffy warm air that smelled of exotic spices, and the chaotic mixture of colours, textures and materials”, the pair explained, noting the Marrakesh’s interesting clash of East meets West. Titled ‘Market Rodeo’, the collection name tellingly conjures the image of Western rodeo riders, Bakir and Headland commenting that the camels left to explore the busy market spaces reminded them of this and then went on to influence the process of inspiring CMMN SWDN SS17.

auntie chiles-16-2

It was not only the chaos and contrast of the city that prompted the designers this season, but also the contrast of the city to the Northern African desert; how close they are yet so distinctively different from one another. The difference is reflected in the clothing, with clashing colours and striped poplin fabric contrast against checked prints. Here is a juxtaposition that compliments itself; a bright orange fishnet vest against a black and white checked coat, a burnt vintage orange shirt against a warm, golden orange jacket and bright cobalt blue zip up top against deep camel trousers highlight each other in their difference but bring together the overall palette of Moroccan oranges, corals, yellows and bright blues.

auntie chiles-33

auntie chiles-30

CMMN SWDN’s rodeo analogy can be seen in the western styled shirts, the sharp collars, leather belts and westernised leather bumbags. Styled against dark pinstripe trousers, pale pink bomber jackets, ribbed tops and black and white gingham, this really is an eclectic ensemble of materials, prints and styles, much like the chaos of the market that took CMMN SWDN SS17 to the drawing board. Topped off with sophisticated black and tan leather footwear, this collection will be remembered for its classic approach to menswear shapes yet vibrant and exotic mix of colour.

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Words: Hannah Sargeant
Images: Milly Grange-Bennett