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LCM: Edward Crutchley

Wednesday 15 June 2016

Edward Crutchley’s  SS17 presentation began in the basement of the ME Hotel, where a film screening of a specifically made SS17 film featuring one of the presentation’s key models (and a model Crutchley has used to represent his designs beforehand) as he strides across various terrains in green and hilly rural Yorkshire. The film captures Crutchley sat at a wooden desk in the landscape as he sketches his designs, his northern accented voice-over explaining the process of creating his designs and how virtual technology has allowed him to develop his SS17 in new, futuristic ways. The film moves on to focus on the clothes themselves as they world with the model’s body against the northern winds as he bounds across the countryside. Titled ‘The Yorkshireman’s Motto’, Crutchley’s primordial native land has clearly played an significant part in this collection, with his earthy choice of colours of grassy green, brown and nude against additional purples, navies, golds and copper.

 auntie chiles-23

This season is Crutchley’s first collaboration with Clo Virtual Fashion, a 3D garment visualisation where a designer can make his designs become a reality. Enabling Crutchley to digitally sew and drape flat garment shapes to precise detail, the film demonstrated how the software allowed the designer to visualise his pieces and make amendments in a way that does not drain resources and saves hours of time that manually alterations would take.

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Some of the most memorable pieces from this season include colourful latex socks and tops that cling to the models body and create a unusual and interesting smooth texture against the rest of the collection. Elsewhere, a feeling of Japanese souvenir jackets is provoked but the embellished and embroidered details on the collection’s outerwear. Known for his skill when it comes to fabrics, which stemmed from his career as a textile specialist in Paris and London, Crutchley’s SS17 collection is once again a true testament to his rich and experienced talent in innovative design and technical craftsmanship.

auntie chiles-29 auntie chiles-30 auntie chiles-35 auntie chiles-21-2

Words: Hannah Sargeant
Images: Milly Grange-Bennett