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Interview: Raw Fabrics

Friday 05 August 2016

Not many acts can put on an energizing, soul-bearing live show backed only by a guitarist, a drummer, and very tightly tuned floor tom. Raw Fabrics –formerly the synthy, dark, L.A. punk trio turned solo act – does just that. Aptly named, for frontman Jack Bruno’s vocals are indeed raw but pleasing, layered for ultimate effect over power-pop guitars and driving bass beats. We caught up with Jack before his show at New York’s Irving Plaza and discussed the writing process, how UK Grime has finally infiltrated the States, and tour life.

LG: Now that you’re solo, how has your writing process evolved?

JB: Lately I’ve been more open to collaborating with producers and stuff, so I’ve been working with different people and that’s been exciting. So it’s opened the door to that, to more collaboration.

LG: Now that you are writing, producing, recording on your own – how do you know when a track is finished? 

JB: I think it’s just a level of how excited I am about it. It’s just, it’s all about the feeling I guess, I’ve learned over the years to trust my gut and my instinct when I’m writing something. Like if I write something really fast, I trust it, I go  ‘Ok it wasn’t overthought, it wasn’t a mental fucking project, it was just like, a feeling’.

LG: Have your influences changed as you’ve moved through your career? 

JB: We all listen to a lot of hip hop and stuff for specific reasons – it’s got more of a ‘fuck it’ attitude than popular indie rock now, so I’ve been drawn to that, definitely as an influence. Drake, the Kanyes. I’ve been listening to a lot of grime music, like Skepta. if you ask anyone I’ve been on tour with that’s all I like – I listen to Section Boyz every fucking day. I’ve been listening to that a lot and… the Cure.

LG: Never gets old.

JB: The Cure and Depeche Mode and I think that’s because we’ve been touring with She Wants Revenge and they’ve got a lot of goth fans. They get down with the Cure. But yeah, it’s definitely changed my influences over the years but I also go back to the rock bands I grew up with. 

LG: What’s the number one thing you’re looking forward to when tour is over? 

JB: You know what, the tour dates we’ve been doing have been going over so well and have been so inspiring. I just started working with this new producer who did some stuff with Santigold and some of the Odd Future guys. Before we left we were both on the same page, and so I’m excited to get in the studio and keep it going.

LG: Well that leads to my final question. What’s coming next? You have the single out, so is there an EP in the works? 

JB:  The other guy that’s in our scene, Lil Texas, he’s a badass DJ. He did a remix of ‘Get Me The Hell Out of Here’, that’s coming out. I’ve got another single and another video that’s already been shot and … I direct my own videos so right before we left for this tour we shot the video for the next single. So we’re gonna do another single, another video, and while that’s being released I’m going to be in the studio working on an EP I think. And then there’s more tour dates in the fall, in like September and October.