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Stuff is Great: Collecting Taxidermy with Suzette Field

Monday 08 August 2016

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As part of their ‘Stuff is Great’ campaign which celebrates various collections of the weird and wonderful, Safestore have released the third video in the series which meets natural history collector and taxidermist Suzette Field. Visiting her in her London home full of unique quirks, the Suzette boasts a vast collection of beautifully (and ethically) preserved animals. From elegant swans to wild game, there are around 100 pieces to her collection – half of which decorate and fill the walls of her city home. Showing a real admiration for nature and how it creates it’s own beauty, Suzette comments how her own art merely safeguards that beauty from the effects of time.

On the topic of being a collector, Suzette comments that with each piece she collects and with every item she finds, there is an adventure to be had. “It’s that initial lusting after and saving away, and buying it and bringing it home or spending ages looking for that exact piece.” There’s certainly something personal to Suzette’s want to collect, noting that each piece acts somewhat as a reference point in pinpointing events in her own life.

You can identify each different stage of your life with the thing that’s on your wall. It gives some depth and some context to life as a story, that I think otherwise I wouldn’t have.” – Suzette Field

As well as it’s personal connotations, taxidermy is just as valuable to natural history as a historic document or text book. Safestore’s Dave Cox highlights it’s usefulness for the coming years, “Collecting ‘stuff’ is a way of preserving the past for future generations – I guess you could say that a taxidermy collection is a very literal translation of that.”

You can watch the other videos as part of Safestore’s ‘Stuff is Great’ campaign here.