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Interview with photographer Alessia Stranieri

Thursday 01 June 2017

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Alessia Stranieri is an Italian photographer and videographer based in London.
Her approach to visual arts is bound to geometry and basic shapes, statuary poses and surrounding space.  We asked her some questions about her interests in youth culture, her favourite collaborations and her spare time!

How did you get into photography and what made you think “that’s what I want to do!”?

I think I should thank my mother’s photo album. She would make me pose for her and stare at the camera. It’s always been a constant thing to take pictures in my family with my mom’s 35mm camera. I got my first camera when I was 15 and I started a photography class. This is when I realised that photography was gonna be the only way to express myself.

Your work is mostly on analogue cameras, I know you’re pretty much into medium format! Why did you choose that over digital photography?

It might seem a cliché saying that film is more authentic, but it is actually true. Colours are more blended, the image quality is definitely higher. Medium format is much better then 35mm and with the right films and camera you can photograph whatever you want with amazing results. .

You’re principally a fashion photographer, but I notice some art references. What inspires your work?

I really like fashion photography but I always try to mix it with something else. I love still life and at the same time street and portraiture photography. I did a BA in photography but it was mostly related to Fine Arts and the relationship between photographs and art galleries. Besides photographers like Doug DuBois gave me like a “narrative mood”, that’s why I’m always trying to create a concept and/or a kind of story alternating portraits, details, still life, interiors and landscape.

What’s the biggest mistake you think you’ve made in terms of photography?

I’ve burnt so many films that probably had loads of nice pictures on them hahahah! But seriously, I think my way of being sometimes doesn’t take me where I’d want to go or where I should buy original viagra online go.
I’m very introvert and quiet and unsure and I know that if I wasn’t like that I would have probably worked way more and would have made more connections.

What does an average day of yours look like?

I’m very lazy, I could stay in bed all day watching movies, binge-watching, because until I go out I forget that the world outside is as beautiful as the one in my bed.
So my average day is basically try to do the fewest possible, looking at pictures on the internet, watching at least one movie and eating loads.

What’s the best collaboration you’ve done?

I think my best collaboration was the one with Sasha Vergolini, (sound artist / 3d artist) and he created the sound for a video I made and two other 3d-digital projects.
It’s amazing when you find someone who shares the same taste and interests as you, you can get a beautiful result.

Do you ever get stuck with your creativity?

Often. Very often. Sometimes I think I have everything on mind but I can’t find any ways to let it out. I see so much stuff everyday and I feel so conditioned by it! I personally don’t even like the word “creative” so maybe I think I’m okay with it.

Do you travel a lot?

Unfortunately not, I haven’t seen a lot of places in my life. I spend my days on google street view though, does it count?

Do you have any exhibitions planned / projects going on?

I reckon for now my plan is to settle down here in London, cause I just moved! So no exhibitions for now, but I think something is moving and I’m hopeful for the future.

Any other photographers you’d recommend us to check?

Dammit! Making lists is one of my favourite things in the world, in fact I have a never ending list of photographers on my macbook notes but again, it’s way too long so I’m just gonna write three names: Benjamin Vnuk, Marcello Junior Dino, Adrian Catalan.