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LFW SS17: Fyodor Golan

Friday 23 September 2016

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For Spring/Summer 17, Fyodor Golan embraced a fashion future that maximises on our increasingly digital age, in order to minimise.


Whilst there is something romantic in the sketching and draping of looks – the energy of lines, seeing the fabric shape at your touch – the current industry format of sampling and stock leads to over-production and waste. Through a collaboration with Miximaliste, a CGI e-commerce space, Fyodor Golan were able to create all looks through animation on avatars; a select few are available to pre-order, and made to order, now.


Shown through a multimedia presentation, where the lines between real and imagined were blurred, the 3D simulated world was one of undulating waters and rainbow reflections – colourfully and visually buy viagra yahoo saturated. In turn, the real-life models continued this rainbow of colour, with silvery reflective fabric referencing the shimmering avatars that had left the screen. In their place, lights lit up the backdrop as models with blue lips and metal woven through hair shone beneath in an ethereal, alien glow of colour.


Closer to home, a familiar 90s aesthetic was found throughout: denim embellished and ruffled, over thigh-high boots or flared under dresses; colours were neon rave, electric greens and fluorescent pinks, with patterns like bright marker-pen scribbles. The result was a nostalgic futurism; a known landscape of colour and detail, within the forward-thinking realm of digital.

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