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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… Dirty Heads

Wednesday 05 October 2016

Californian band Dirty Heads have been superbly combining reggae, rock, pop and hip-hop since their formation in Huntington Beach in 2003 and their debut album ‘Any Port in a Storm’ in 2008. This year saw the release of their fifth album, the self-titled ‘Dirty Heads.’ Their standout track is currently the feel-good anthem ‘That’s All I Need,’ and you can’t help but smile when hearing the infectiously upbeat song. The band are about to embark on another huge North American tour, and have also set their sights on reaching a global audience. With the success of ‘That’s All I Need’ and their combination of genres being sure to earn them fans across musical tastes, this seems in the bag for the 5-piece.

Intrigued by their catchy crossing of genres, we decided to discover 5 things you didn’t know about Dirty Heads.

1. David is a Vegetarian

2. Dirty Heads used to be The Dirty Heads

3. In the “Spread Too Thin”  video, Jon is driving his own Bronco truck.

4. The original line up for DH included a DJ and no drummer or bassist.  We then dropped the DJ and added to the live show by adding Matt and Dave.  

5. Jon Olazabal used to have super long hair even before Jared and Dustin.

Watch the music video to ‘That’s All I Need’ below: