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Review: The Glorious Veins ‘Savage Beat’

Wednesday 13 February 2013

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Sharing their endless love for music and creating new electric sound, The Glorious Veins consists of four outstanding individuals from all over the map (literally.) The soul and primary songwriter Paul Pangman is from Wisconsin; Matt Howels, the lead guitarist is from London, England; Lee Grasso, the band’s bassist, is from Connecticut and finally their talented drummer Wiggy Colmenares is from the Philippines. Together, these stylish and bold men create a cohesive and unique electric upbeat sound that they label as “bluesy post-punk dance rock music from Mars.”

The New York home-based band is releasing a new album February 19, 2013 called “Savage Beat.” Savage Beat debuts the features of the typical drums, bass and guitar setup, in addition to introducing the strings, synth, woodwings, timpani and chamber bells to construct an original tangy sound. Though it is hard to put a label or genre on The Glorious Veins, their music and sound is definitely one of a kind. Not to mention the vicious grizzly bear that will catch your eye in a second. Their signature sound somewhat similarly can be related to The Ramones, Sublime, The White Stripes, or The Killers (minus the pop aspect), with an indie upbeat rhythm thrown in.

The Glorious Veins - Savage Beat

With ten new and exquisite tracks, “Savage Beat” will guaranteed be stuck on replay. Their catchy yet simple lyrics reveal the truths in life: past history, girls, science, and personality disorders that change in a snap. Each unique track is very dramatic and creates its own feel that unites the album together. Their solo track “Savage Beat” features a fantastic guitar solo that will literally blow your mind. The lyrics and vocals from Pangman create a dramatic and shocking opening but showcase a soft beat bluesy ballad that will sensually seduce your ears. “St Vitus” is my favourite track and words can’t even describe the phenomenal talent that it contains. The tone and lyrics constantly change with a blues feel to it but the flow consists of an electric dance feel. “Jai Alai” is an interesting song that unveils a collaboration of great instruments that are integrated with warm, soothing vocals with a background rush momentum.

Definitely grab yourself a copy of “Savage Beat” and help support The Glorious Veins February 19. For you will not be disappointed and can even play it as background music to help you study or get you through a sappy day; and for the music lovers out there, this band will definitely inspire and motivate you to create new music.

Words: Nicole Gabourie