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Carlsberg recreates the original 1883 brew

Monday 10 October 2016

For this month only, Carlsberg’s ‘Re-brew’ will be available to purchase in the UK. Re-brew is a result of an amazing discovery by Carlsberg brewers in their old cellars in Copenhagen: three years ago they uncovered a single bottle of lager from 1883. Using the world’s first pure least, it was the first quality lager. It also revolutionised beer brewing, as Carlsberg gave away this pure yeast to other breweries for free, hoping to eradicate ‘beer sickness,’ which commonly affected the smell and taste of beer in the 19th century. This means that today, the origins of most lager beers stem from this discovery of pure yeast.

Carlsberg’s Research Laboratory committed themselves to recreating the ‘Father of Modern Lagers’ by extracting yeast from the 133 year old original brew and using 19th century brewing techniques to create a limited run of Re-brew. Three years later, and they’ve achieved just that, right in time to celebrate their 140th anniversary. For the rest of October, London lager lovers can be the first in the world to try a taste of history and experience the lager of previous centuries.

600 bottles of Re-brew will be available in the UK until the end of the month only, exclusively at St Barts Brewery. All proceeds will go to the University of Nottingham’s International Centre for Brewing Science. A must-try for any lager aficionado!