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Adam Ficek, Former Babyshambles Drummer, Talks About His New Residency at Playboy Club

Friday 28 February 2014

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“The recent cultural interest in House music is just another swing of the continual pendulum of popular music. The shift is caused by a saturation of genre-specific music; guitar bands get huge, major labels sign a million and throw them out with commercial zeal. This eventually destroys any social movement and a counter motion ensues. We’re currently gripped by electronic based music due to the mass explosion of guitar bands post 2005.”

Adam Ficek has always had interest in both camps, trying to embrace the two. From a DJ perspective, House and other ‘physical’ genres do serve the purpose of clubland far more potently than band music. Clubland wants pulse, simple form and subtlety in its timbre. Bands generally exist on a retro platform without the emphasis on danceability. Obviously there are many shades in-between band and electronic, and many acts do walk both paths in the continual melting pot of today’s digital music.

I caught up with ex-Babyshambles drummer Adam to find out about his new residency at the infamous Playboy Club in Mayfair.

Can you tell us about your time in Babyshambles – do you look back with fond memories?

It’s all been very documented really. To cut a long story short, I had a very nice time in an alternative pop band, we travelled the world, had lots of sweets, ruffled a few feathers and made some commercial recordings. Yes it was a good time but all things come to an end. I’m glad I experienced all those things – well, most of them.

Are you still in touch with any of the band?

No, we don’t see eye to eye. But they are all alright in my book.

How did the DJ’ing come along – bands normally hate DJs don’t they?

I don’t know, do they? I don’t care. I have played pre-recorded music to the masses since 94, from UK garage to Blue Eyed Soul. I have a very good memory for songs, which helps. For me it’s all about the colours and energy. I can’t stand laptops but I see the benefit of using them. I try to formulate a soundtrack for the evening, unless I’m in a pop hell which is then pure entertainment.

What track do you always pull out when you’re struggling with the crowd, knowing it’ll get them dancing?

Leo Sayer – You make me feel like dancing.

What about your solo project…where can we see you performing this year?

No dates as yet; I may play, I’ll see how I feel. The live thing is a tough nut, up and down the country – it’s like being a pirate. Actually, that sounds quite appealing. Erm, I will do some shows in the winter, not sure where yet. I quite fancy a camper van based tour though.

Which new bands are you digging at the moment?

I’m into more electronic stuff. I don’t know any trends that will help me here…erm…Kraftwerk?

Playboy Club is quite an interesting place to DJ  – do you have any funny stories to share?

I have loads but I signed a confidentiality agreement…

What else is happening with you in 2014?

I’m moving to Harlow.

Words: Bee Adamic