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The Mind Feature: Mind Your Head @ Notting Hill Arts Club

Tuesday 25 October 2016
Words Spindle

In support of mental health charity Mind, tomorrow a night of live music, Mind Your Head, is taking place at Notting Hill Arts Club. The line up includes indie rock bands The Carnabys, JUDAS, Sisteray and Charlie Deelun with a DJ set from Rat Boy, set to continue through the night into the early hours. The event is organised by Alice Gee, who told us, “Mind Your Head is more than a charity gig, it’s a place that people can come together and support one another as well as sharing awareness. It’s an event to stand up to mental health and stigma, and say that we are going to make a change.”

With an estimate that 1 in 4 people in England will suffer with their mental health in any given year, this is clearly an important issue, but unfortunately one that is often overlooked. Mind Your Head will raise money for the Mind charity with the aim to broaden people’s awareness of mental health problems and to open discussion about the topic. Gee went on to explain, “The idea is, what better is there than using the joy of music to create a society that want to talk about mental health? To create a safe and common ground for everyone where they can enjoy themselves. From experience, Mind has given so much to mine and those closest to me recoveries. It is time to give something back in the hope that others who are suffering can find comfort and solace.”

In creating the event Gee is drawing from her own experiences, and hopes to help others, just as Mind helped her, “From 12 years old I began to experience the affects of bipolar disorder. I battled with addiction, attempts and general desperation. I cannot express the darkest times in the 9 years of battling with Bipolar. At 18 I was formally diagnosed and began treatment. At the age of 21 I am yet to have full year of being stable. Without charities like Mind, I would feel more alone and unsupported – not just for myself but for those I dearly love. The charity taught my parents and friends knowledge about self-harm, addiction and much more and how to support me without judgement. My family and friends are the least judgemental people I know and have given so much of their life to me, however they also needed support and as I was unable to help them let alone prevent the destruction of myself. Mind and other charities as well as my medical team gave them hope that one day I would be where I am today. I am forever in debt to these charities and I now want nothing more than to help prevent the pain and suffering that goes alongside mental health including educating others, therefore beating the taboos, stigma and prejudice that unfortunately comes with the suffering. Together we can pull together and induce change and until the day where everyone feels supported, I won’t stop my endeavours to help.”

Mind’s charity work is crucial in supporting those who are suffering from mental health issues, being there to listen, give advice, and help however they can. As a charity they campaign to raise awareness and improve understanding of mental health, as well as to improve the services available to sufferers. Mind Your Head is a fantastic way to celebrate the charity, to support them in helping others, as well as to break down the taboo around mental health and broaden the discussion around it, all while enjoying great live music.

Check out the Facebook event for details and buy tickets here.