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Wildhart announce debut album and release new single ‘Shake Off’

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Gothenburg based trio Wildhart have just announced the release of their much-anticipated debut album ‘Shine,’ which will be available from 11th November. They’ve also dropped new single ‘Shake Off’ to celebrate. The song is immediately captivating, with gorgeous vocals from lead singer Ylva Holmdahl, and the band continuing their atmospheric blend of electronic pop, indie rock and jazz elements.

In what could have been purely light electro-pop, ‘Shake Off’ contains complexity, lyrical depth and darker layers, with a pivotal change when Holmdahl sings, as if chanting, “Don’t let any man, ever hold you back, don’t let him cut your wings, or pull you off the track,” building up to result in an exquisite, passionate layering of vocals, swirling synths and Josefin Runsteen’s energetic drums. These lyrics reflect the band’s statement that “Shake Off is a fuck you to all the hardships that you carry inside when living in an patriarchic world.” The band further explained that their single is “a cry of frustration — but at the same time an anthem, a source to find strength in.”

Their debut album was recorded in synth-player Kiwi Berg’s basement, and they continue to combine different genres, sounds and tones to create their unique sound: effervescent, intriguing, and completely engrossing, with both a sense of bold energy and delicate vulnerability. With this superb new single and approaching debut album, Wildhart are set to join the ranks of other sublime Scandinavian artists, such as Little Dragon and Lykke Li.

Listen to new single ‘Shake Off’ below:

‘Shine’ is out November 11th from Gaphals and is available to pre-order from Bandcamp.