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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… Big White

Tuesday 22 November 2016

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Australian band Big White have just brought their guitar-led indie pop to UK shores with debut album ‘Teenage Dreams.’ With an 80’s influence to their music, their vocals – which are shared across the band’s three frontmen – are reminiscent of new wave and post-punk bands from the era. With jangling guitars, and a joyful, danceable sound that is full of tropical flourishes, ‘Teenage Dreams’ will take you back to those dreamy summer days. The band have spent 2016 on the road touring North America and Europe, and are currently recording their next album. We asked them to uncover 5 things you definitely won’t know about the Aussie band.

1. Elmo started playing violin when she was two on a 16th size violin, when she was a 16th the size she is now. Picture that.

2. Bowen is a professional sound engineer and once mic’ed up the Dalai Lama. Without battling a heroin addiction or a mid rock career crisis, Bowen has already met the Dalai Lama.

3. In their RV the band covered a little more than 9,200 miles on our recent tour of North America, surviving on little more than corn chips and salsa.

4. Big White was formed in a notorious big white sharehouse in Sydney called The Surgery. There they have thrown an array of house parties over the years, raising over 15k for a variety of causes. More recently a party at the house saw over 400 kids turn up, raising over 3 grand, which went towards a US tour van for the band.

5. Out of interest and Elmo’s persistence, the band once broke into Sudam Hussein’s abandoned embassy in Berlin the day after they tracked their first ever single ‘I Can’t Tell’ in an ex bomb shelter.

Listen to ‘Teenage Dreams’ below: