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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… The Away Days

Tuesday 29 November 2016
Words Spindle

It’s not common you hear about indie pop bands from Turkey. With the U.S and Europe dominating the music scene, it can be tough for bands from elsewhere to break through, so it takes something special to succeed. Well, Istanbul based The Away Days are an absolute gem. With hints of a shoegaze sound, they make dreamy, floaty, shimmering music. Their songs feature blissful vocals from lead singer Can Oren, and complex arrangements with intricate guitar hooks. Istanbul is known as a bridge between East and West, so the band’s position is extremely interesting, engaging in Western musical forms from such a city, adding a refreshing element to their indie-pop. Having already supported the likes of Savages, Portishead, Wild Beasts, Belle and Sebastian, and most recently, Local Natives last week, the band are set for a bright future.

1. The band are planning to play a zombie themed show in Atlanta for their US tour next year. Mainly because of ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series.

2. Lead singer Can Ozen is also the manager of the band and directed a couple of their music videos.

3. Drummer Anil Atik is actually Macedonian. It’s believed that his great-granddad was one of the strongest Knights in Europe.

4. Keyboard player Orkun Atik is the first person who both made a speech during SXSW interactive about mobile technology and performed at SXSW Music in the same year.

5. Guitar player Sezer Koc hasn’t watched the Star Wars series yet. But he’s a big fan of Premier League, supporting Liverpool.

Watch The Away Days video for ‘World Horizon’ below: