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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… Mauno

Wednesday 09 November 2016

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Canadian quartet Mauno make timeless indie rock with delicate, dreamy vocals, endearing melodies, jangling cymbal rhythms and tight, shimmering guitars. Their music easily goes from light and breezy, to darker and stormier in perfect transitions. They bring to mind the likes of Grizzly Bear, Local Natives and Real Estate with their charming, intricate guitar lines. Maono’s debut album ‘Rough Master’ was released this September, and the band describe it as “the kind of music that’s churning in our minds when we’re not focused on grocery lists.” Indeed, their music is far from the mundane everyday, it’s beautiful, captivating, and we can’t wait to see where it takes them.

1. A few of the band members have a musical past… Adam was an MC in a quote unquote rap ensemble in the sixth grade called “Species of Da World.”  Scott “Jervis Merman Bourgoin” Boudreau made beats under the moniker “DJ Skeet Rock.” Eliza “NieMC” Niemi took breakdance lessons for five years.

2. Eliza and Adam are both VERY into the supernatural and superstitious (aliens, astrology, ghosts, Santana, etc).

3. Nick and Adam played competitive baseball for a combined 30+ years.  They take their gloves on every tour.

4. Eliza just discovered Primus for the first time in the year 2016 and, buddy, she is down to clown.

5. Nick’s farts are actually the worst — nearly inhuman. Just got new probiotics, though, so he should be on the mend.

Listen to Mauno’s album ‘Rough Master’ below: