Alasdair McLellan directs ‘On Hold’ video for the xx

  • Words: Spindle

The xx have released a video directed by Alasdair McLellan for their most recent single, ‘On Hold.’ The British fashion photographer and filmmaker created a video that tells a story of young love, and is full of American teenage iconography. American football, cheerleaders, diners, house parties, cowboy hats, classic American cars, high school corridors; we’ve seen these images countless times before, yet McLellan captures it all with amazing freshness.

The video skips between various moments of teenage fun and young love, with the xx joining in with various scenes, singing down the phone, sitting in diners, and skateboarding. As you’d expect from the fashion photographer, it is shot beautifully, with sunset skies, gorgeous close ups, and slow motion sequences creating a hazy, dreamy atmosphere.


The video is set in Marfa, Texas, where the xx recorded some of their upcoming album ‘I See You.’ The new album will be released on 13th January 2017, and the band will be touring across Europe, including a UK stint in March.

Watch the video below: