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Tried & Tested: Burt’s Bees Lip Colour

Friday 07 March 2014

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Last week I was invited to check out the new Burt’s Bees Lip Colour Launch. Considering Burt’s Bees use 100% natural ingredients, I couldn’t have been more excited!

Lip products that don’t crack your lips but do add colour and high shine are few and far between. You may find this a little surprising but anything with a high petroleum content is great for stopping wind chapping the lip, but doesn’t allow your lips to breathe – so no moisture actually sinks into the lip and you end up with an ongoing cracked lip problem (and an addiction to the product causing it). The new colour range hits the shops and Burt’s Bees online in April (John Lewis and some Boots stores will stock it) and the range is permanent! Woo! Most of the products provide a sheer wash of colour.

There’s a lot of choice – the range is comprised of 12 Lip Glosses £8.99 / 11 Lip Shimmers £5.99 / 6 Lip Shines £6.99 / 9 Tinted Lip Balms £5.99.

Let’s break down all that lipglossy goodness!

Lip Gloss 

IMG_5963These provide sheer colour and moisturise dry lips. They contain jojoba esters, botanical oils and a light natural vanilla fragrance *yum*. Out of the entire lip range, these boast to be the most pigmented but I actually found the Lip Shimmer bolder. Colour is soft and wearable. The shades were inspired by the changing seasons and there is a full rainbow of dark plummy reds to nude beiges and muted pinks.

1. Starry Night  / 2. Ruby Moon / 3. Summer Twilight / 4. Spring Splendour / 5. Nearly Dusk / 6. Fall Foliage / 7. Autumn Haze / 8. Ocean Sunrise

Longevity: Average

Pigment Coverage: Sheer with shimmer particles. The traditional applicator makes you feel that it will come out very glossy but I would think of this more like a high shine lip balm.

Cruelty Free: Yes

Application: Comes in a normal lipgloss-like tube with a sponge tip applicator. Easy to use. If you’re a makeup geek the name comes off with the wrapper which is a little sad but you gotta love those non sticky labels! No gooey glue is left when you peel it off so you won’t be collecting fur in your purse when you go to put it on – phew! Cute honeycomb imprint across the lid is a perk.

Similar To: Nothing I can think of. It’s got a spongey creamy like texture on the lips but is very hydrating. I haven’t got a dupe for you!

Lip Shimmer


 You may have seen the lip shimmers as they have been available previously. These are the more pearlized products in the range  and contain a mix of shea butter and peppermint oil to hydrate. I would go as far as to say this is a day to day lip balm that offers a little bit of colour. Very pretty and subtle. The darker shades like Rhubarb are perfect for creating on trend “stained lip” effects. What you notice most about these is the tingling sensation of the peppermint oil and a lovely smell!


1. Strawberry / 2. Fig / 3. Peony / 4.Caramel / 5. Watermelon / 6. Rhubarb / 7. Plum

Longevity: A few hours

Pigment Coverage: Medium Coverage with shimmer. Great for a lip stain effect.

Cruelty Free: Yes

Application: Twist up lip balm, but don’t let the packaging confuse you into thinking it’s a sheer lip balm.

Similar To: Again – no dupes. These lip balms are highly pigmented making them feel more like a soft lipstick than a balm. The peppermint oil is also unique as it’s a natural ingredient alternative  to give that tingly sensation.

Lip Shine

IMG_5957 If you’re a gloss fan and like something a little bit translucent you will love these! Lip shines are your classic glossy gloss. Apricot kernel wax, beeswax, shea and cocoa butters and a sweet natural apricot fragrance make these glosses uber-hydrating. They are sheer in colour and give a slight pop to the lips. What I loved most about these is the instant lovely smell as soon as you open them! These are my favorite range in the launch.

1. Smooch / 2. Pucker / 3. Flutter / 4. Blush / 5.Wink / 6. Whisper

Longevity: As with most high shine lip glosses, staying power isn’t great.

Pigment Coverage: Sheer – these give a pop of translucent colour. Expect HIGH shine! Great for adding a little colour to the face without feeling that you are wearing anything attention-drawing.

Cruelty Free: Yes

Application: Comes in a normal lipgloss-like tube. Easy to use.

Similar To: The texture is similar to  Dior Collagen Plump or Mac Creamsheens – creamy but not sticky and colour is sheer and translucent. These would work great over a lipstick as colour will still show through. The shine is not glittery but rather vinyl like.

Tinted Lip Balm 

burts bees lip colourTinted lip balms are like a super lip balm with a sheer colour. They contain beeswax, botanical flower waxes like ylang ylang and jasmine and provide a light formula coverage. Tip – Can be used on cheeks as well as lips!


1. Red Dahlia / 2. Rose / 3. Sweet Violet / 4. Petunia / 5. Pink Blossom / 6. Hibiscus / 7. Blush Orchid / 8. Caramel Daisy

Longevity: One hour

Pigment Coverage: VERY sheer

Cruelty Free: Yes

Application: Applicator looks like a normal lip balm twist up tube and comes in a cute chunky carry case. I have to say I was a little disappointed that the product didn’t come out as chunky as it looks initially in its outer package. (You open the cardboard container and the lip balm sits inside.) I had envisioned taking a huge chunky amount of colour over my cheeks and lips, but it’s okay. The product is the most lightweight of the whole range. It’s texture on the lip is very hydrating. Non sticky. You can certainly feel the botanical flower waxes.

Similar To: Vaseline without the cracked lip syndrome and if it had a little bit of colour and came in a twist up tube!

I also got the opportunity to have a quick catch up with Burt’s Bees Marketing Manager Margaret McHugh.

We’re very excited to try these products out! The idea of a colour lip range that is natural and hydrating is fantastic. We were already huge fans of the Burt’s Bees Range! First of all, we noticed there is no SPF in the product. Is there any specific reason why?
Our products are breathable formulations for the skin. With SPF being a chemical base we want to keep our products as natural as possible and deliver a superior consumer experience with the range. Until we crack how we can use SPF and still do this, it makes sense to keep the range natural.

We’re really excited about all the colours in the range! Is there any chance of a makeup range coming out soon too?!
We are really focusing on the skincare and lip care range. Maybe one day.

What about the bees?! 
We work closely with the sources of our ingredients and use responsible sourcing. Most of our sources are from East Africa and we work closely with the Honeybee Keeper’s Association to raise awareness of the bee situation! Without the bees there would be such a decline in food sources and so many other things, so it’s a big responsibility.

These shades are all really gorgeous – will you be bringing out any seasonal colours or are the products permanent in the range?
The products are going to be out permanently. We will eventually bring out more colours in about 12-18 months but for now you can enjoy the new range!