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Father John Misty releases political new song ‘Holy Hell’

Tuesday 22 November 2016
Words Spindle

Like many other creatives and musicians, Father John Mister has been vocal about his unhappiness at the recent result of the US Presidential Election. Since Donald Trump won two weeks ago, the musician has released many political statements, and now, a new song entitled ‘Holy Hell.’ On his Facebook page he has been sharing his thoughts, a recent post seeing him comment on on neo-liberalism, globalism, the polarisation of leftwing and rightwing politics, and questioning, “But tell me, seriously, someone, where does the hate speech fit into this?”

He then posted ‘Holy Hell,’ a sombre, and of course, politically charged piano ballad. “Damn the future ain’t looking so bright,” he laments, going on to critique the “highly effective rhetoric” and the “perverts who get off on it.” He closes the song on a more upbeat note, addressing the listener, “But all my friends, yeah, I’m talking to you/The world won’t end unless we want it to/There’s no one in control/And it’s our life to choose.” The song’s ending message seems to be, then, that it is down to everyday people to really shape the future, to stand up to Trump’s politics, and take control of their lives in a time of political chaos, uncertainty, and fear.

Listen to ‘Holy Hell’ below: