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Music Video Monday: INHEAVEN – Treats

Monday 21 November 2016

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INHEAVEN have just unveiled a new music video for their latest single ‘Treats‘, a thundering song with bassist Chloe Little on lead vocals, who also directed the video. ‘Treats’ was written in response to 2016’s political happenings, with Chloe explaining, “2016 has felt like a strange place to exist in. Living in a world that we didn’t say yes to, whilst the unrepresentative patriarchy becomes more powerful – this is truly terrifying. ‘Treats’ was written in the wake of all of these feelings. This is us expressing our frustration in the only way we know how.”

“I want someone to treat me right,” she demands on the scuzzy, grunge and punk influenced protest song, which is full of lyrics criticising this year’s political decisions. “Our country has disenfranchised all of our young people, creativity is being squashed, and fundamental human rights ignored,” said the band, “We want a different buy viagra online ebay future than the one that has been predetermined for us….we want someone to treat us right.”

The video references American culture throughout, with Chloe joining a group of cheerleaders who perform in front the band, complete with INHEAVEN cheer uniforms. But this is no glossy, all-American cheer routine; it’s an angry, raw performance. The American iconography continues as Chloe poses prom queen style, wearing a tiara and holding a bouquet, only for blood to be poured on her from above in a reference to classic high school horror Carrie. She laughs, blood dripping down her face, creepy and crazed. This is a timely song and video, using horror iconography to express the band’s dissatisfaction with today’s political climate.

Watch the video for ‘Treats’ below:

INHEAVEN will be on a UK tour supporting Blossoms from 30th November to 14th December.