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Premiere: ‘He Takes My Place’ video by Curse of Lono

Monday 07 November 2016

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Americana tinged rock band Curse of Lono’s self-titled debut EP was released last month, with its four songs also forming the soundtrack of a series of interconnected short films. Directed by Alex Walker, the collection is entitled ‘Saturday Night: A Film of Four Songs,’ and stars Grant Masters, Marta Hermida, Grahame Fox and Martin Edwards. The band has been gradually unveiling each video and we are delighted to premiere the final chapter, ‘He Takes My Place’ here at Spindle Magazine.

The first song to soundtrack the series of short films was ‘Five Miles,’ with the video following a man who awakes on a deck outside after a party, gets up and walks through the dishevelled house. The second chapter was ‘London Rain,’ the video a short crime story, with two men driving a car with a hostage in the boot. The scene moves through the city at night to a flashy nightclub, where the man from the first film dwells. The third instalment, ‘Saturday Night,’ sees a woman angrily arguing with the same man after discovering him in the nightclub with a group of other women.

The dramatic final video, which we are excited to reveal, returns to the house where a woman sits with blood on her hands, and two men arrive with guns poised. ‘He Takes My Place’ is a lovely acoustic song from the band to end the series. It made perfect sense to the band develop their cinematic EP into short films, “We wanted to do something visual to capture the mood of the record,” explained Curse of Lono’s Felix Bechtolsheimerand said of the collaboration, “Alex is a great filmmaker and an old friend. He’s been talking about the cinematic quality of the recordings for a while and how he wanted to use some of them as a soundtrack for a bigger visual experience. The EP seemed the perfect place to start.”

Watch the last video in the series below:

The Curse of Lono’s self-titled EP was released by Submarine Cat Records and is available to listen to on soundcloud.