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Lily Rose Depp’s Chanel campaign film is here

Wednesday 02 November 2016

Chanel have released their campaign film for their fragrance N°5 L’eau featuring the rising star Lily Rose Depp. The 17 year old has also been the face of Chanel’s Pearl eyewear collection and starred alongside Kirsten Stewart and Julianne Moore in the fashion house’s casino themed autumn/winter 15 haute couture show.

The French-American actress and model was announced as the face of Chanel’s new fragrance N°5 L’eau in May. Speaking of Depp earlier this year, Chanel said she “embodies her generation and its values of freedom and boldness to perfection, bringing to the iconic fragrance of the house her youthful freshness and beauty.” The end of August saw the release of two very different teaser videos – one with Depp walking through a rundown Parisian apartment, and the other a monochrome clip of her posing with a giant light bulb in a fashion shoot setting. But what connected them was the overlaying of the mysterious slogan “You know me, and you don’t.”


The final campaign film sees these two clips brought together, with more text overlaid, “I am night and day, question and answer.” The video goes on show Depp posing for a fashion shoot “composed,” only for the backdrop to be removed to reveal a glittering party, “and excessive.” Depp waves a huge Chanel flag with a crowd of people on a rooftop, no doubt French revolution inspired, “instant and infinite.” Next she performs in a studio surrounded by cameras, “artist and muse.” A final sequence includes a striking shot of Depp in a studio surrounded by neon lights, “vulnerable and invincible,” followed by spinning around beside smoke, sparklers, and fireworks, “breaking and making.” A stunning final close up of Depp contains the slogan from the teasers, “You know me, and you don’t.” Indeed, this campaign film from Chanel is a thing of beautiful contrasts.

Watch the campaign video below: