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Christmas Countdown #3: Anomaly’s short film ‘The 12 Days of Christmas: A Tale of Avian Misery’

Thursday 22 December 2016

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Words Spindle

When you think about it, it would be pretty odd to actually receive the gifts from ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas,’ not to mention how difficult it would be to house all those partridges in pear trees. Anomaly‘s animated short film ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas: a Tale of Avian Misery’ explores just that, as the lead character is given each of the infamous gifts by her true love. “I didn’t ask for it and I have no room for it, not that I’m ungrateful, but it seemed overly extravagant and maybe a bit weird,” she says after the first gift arrives in a hilarious narration from Phoebe Waller-Bridge, who recently created and starred in the excellent series ‘Fleabag.

The short film, which was written, directed, and animated in house at Anomaly and features illustrations by Robert Hunter, shows what would actually happen nowadays if you were given the presents from the classic carol – it would be a “a complete fucking nightmare.” The lead character starts to seriously question her relationship, her flat becomes overrun with numerous types of bird, and it’s pretty disturbing to receive human beings as gifts – eight maids a milking, twelve drummers drumming, and so on. “They say love is blind, but in this case love had made him blind to basic human rights protocol. I called Amnesty International,” Waller-Bridge quips. Her comic timing is perfect, narrating with her trademark dry humour and hilarious wit – “Are you fucking kidding me? There are cows in my flat.” Anomaly’s short film is a brilliantly funny take on the Christmas carol, making us wonder why we haven’t been questioning the nature of its gifts every year.

Watch the ‘The 12 Days of Christmas: A Tale of Avian Mystery’ below: