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Christmas Countdown #4: Do The Green Thing’s alternative gifting system

Wednesday 21 December 2016

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Words Spindle

As much as we love Christmas, you can’t deny it’s a time of mass consumerism and overconsumption. Excessive buying, wasted food and unwanted presents are just some of the things the festive season is unfortunately abundant of. Often the important things at Christmas – appreciating your family and friends, etc – are lost under a sea of chocolate selection boxes and dodgy Santa socks. Recent research has shown that the average Londoner will spend £767 on presents and that in the UK we receive £2.4 billion worth of unwanted gifts each year. However, this year, Do The Green Thing have come up with a brilliant idea to refocus the season of giving, designed as an “alternative to the billions of unwanted candles, bath bombs, novelty ties, socks and other impersonal gifts that are unthoughtfully given, ungratefully received, and unceremoniously thrown away every year”.

Do The Green Thing are “a public service for the planet that uses creativity to tackle climate change,” and have made numerous films, posters, and all kinds of arty things to inspire people to live more sustainably. Every two months they release an issue that aims to challenge the status quo of a throwaway society. For Christmas this year, their fifth issue is entitled ‘Why Santa Must Die’ and features an illustration of a rather evil looking Santa by Pete Fowler. Despite the foreboding name, the issue presents a fantastic idea, an alternative gifting system that encourages “everyone to go giftless by Ungifting the people you care about and giving them some of your precious time instead.” Not only is this completely green, but it’s a lovely way to remember what is really important: spending time with loved ones, not desperately trying to find them suitable gifts.

Click here to send a personalised Ungift Card!