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Dominique Young Unique @ Your Mum’s House

Wednesday 02 October 2013

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The last time Charlie and Scotty caught up, he was picking Charlie off the floor outside The Nest in Dalston. They discussed the trials and tribulations of Tina B from S Club, wondered why she wasn’t a part of Your Mum’s House, and hugged out this realisation. A year later they catch up again, minus Tina B, to find out about the most hyped night out in London.

So how would you sum up this hijack? 

I’d say without doubt, it’s going to be the very best Your Mum’s House there has ever been! The talent we have for this show is incredible and I know the atmosphere is going to be insane!

If you were involved in a hijack, what would be your outfit and weapon of choice?

I’m not really into violence, I think a sharp tongue and quick wit can sometimes be all you need!

How did you manage to hijack Will Heard then? He’s like… top 5 UK chart boy type of man thing!

Will Heard is mad talented and we knew as soon as we heard his track Sonnentanz (Sun Don’t Shine) that we needed wanted him for this the XOYO Hijack! We put it to him and he seemed pretty hyped to get involved.

Everyone has ‘erd of Will Heard, so tell me more about the other acts joining the bill.

Well, headlining the mayhem is razor-tongued glitchy rapper Dominique Young Unique (fresh from hitting the UK Top 10 earlier this year with her Dj Fresh x Diplo collab ‘Earthquake’), UK Producer/DJ Shift K3y who is a total YMH fav, Stööki Sound – two London based boys who are killing it on the trap scene right now, Amy Becker from BBC Radio 1Xtra, and then we have Myth who are another London based duo who are still bubbling away under the radar but who we know are gonna break big time pretty soon! We actually first met them at our parties as they are fans of YMH so there is a lot of mutual love there! As well all of those, we also have the Your Mum’s House residents which consist of DJ/Hype Man Kartel Brown, Ex Londoner and now Berlin based DJ/Producer HUGZ, East London’s very own Joshyouare and our new kid on the block Budakan. You can kinda tell from that that it’s gonna be a night full of big beats and big bass!

Any idea on what Dominique Young Unique will be wearing? Superhero latex pirate I hope.

I haven’t had that conversation yet with her and to be honest, I don’t need to! She always looks great and I’d agree that the Superhero latex pirate is a strong look for her!

So Cara Delvy did an acoustic track on YouTube with Will… do you like Cara… honestly?

Does anyone not like Cara? She’s everything a young supermodel should be!

Thoughts on Miley Cyrus’s face up close in Wrecking Ball. Weird, right?

I haven’t seen it actually. I do think her collab with Wiz Khalifa ’23’ is great though.

Why wasn’t Solange invited to YMH?

Coz she’s a busy girl?

I heard this is an 18+ event, can you confirm and give the terms and conditions of the evening.

Yeah this is an 18+ event as all of our parties are. Bring ID, a smile, make an effort and prepare yourself for an amazing night!

Live visuals from Brainwash. What are they going to be projecting on the walls?

Now that would be telling! The Brainwash guys are amazing VJs actually and I’ve been lucky enough to work with them on the ideas for the night’s live visuals this time. Expect trippy, low-fi eye candy! As it’s a hijack, we wanted to take over everything including the walls!

If you could have something projected on your walls, what would it be?

Maybe something like those weird old Mcdonalds ads with Ronald Mcdonald dancing. That could be pretty cool.

Talking of art, did you go to Damien Hirst’s exhibition at the Tate last year? I was fond of the live butterflies until they landed on your shoulder and there was too much fly, not enough butter. What are your thoughts on butterflies?

I can’t say I did visit the exhibition but I guess butterflies are kinda cool.

I watched a documentary on supergiant animals last night. If you could supergiant any animal, what would it be and why?

I’d supergiant worm. Not sure why – just guess it would be fun.

Thoughts on butterfly print wallpaper?


Plans to add butterfly print wallpaper to YMH?

I’d have to ask Mummy first.

Get yer tickets here www.musicglue.com/yourmumshouse and more info here www.yourmumshouseclub.com