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Premiere: ‘Bombs of My Love’ acoustic video by Yonee

Friday 16 December 2016

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Earlier this year Yonee released his debut single, ‘Bombs of My Love,’ a poignant yet danceable song, unveiling the singer-songwriter’s unique brand of thoughtful dancepop. The song was impossibly catchy, with strong beats and synths, but also contained an important message of unity, reflected in the gentle acoustic guitar and Yonee’s soulful vocals. Now the LA based DJ, producer and musician has recorded an acoustic version of the song, accompanied by a video, which premieres on Spindle today.

The video sees Yonee performing the acoustic version of his single in a studio, and further highlights the important message of the song, which is part of partnership with the Nashville-based charity and foster care initiative Together We Rise. With the song, Yonee hopes to raise awareness about the charity and the plight of foster children. “Because of its uplifting lyrics and melodies, ‘Bombs of My Love,’ became this vehicle of inspiration to inspire positive change in the world,” Yonee explains, “I have been working with foster kids around the country, taking them on shopping sprees and mentoring them, and it’s been such an amazing experience.”

Watch the acoustic video of ‘Bombs of My Love’ below: