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Wes Anderson launches competition to voice a dog in new animated film

Thursday 22 December 2016

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Wes Anderson’s next film will be his second animated feature, entitled ‘Isle of Dogs.’ This is his first feature production since 2014’s ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel,’ and first animated film since ‘Fantastic Mr Fox.’ Teaming up with regular collaborators Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, and Jeff Goldblum, the film will also star Yoko Ono, Bryan Cranston, Greta Gerwig, and Scarlett Johansson, among numerous others in an ensemble cast typical of Anderon’s films. The director released a video to announce the beginning of the filmmaking process, revealing they will shoot the film in England. Edward Norton also appears in the video, saying he is voicing a dog called Rex, and some brief clips of the animated dogs are included.

Anderson also unveiled a competition he is running with Crowdwise, with the top prize being a two-night trip to London for two people to meet the director, go on a tour of the set, and even lend their voice to another canine role. The winner will also receive one of the puppet miniatures from the film after the production has wrapped. Fifty runners up will receive a Criterion collection DVD signed by Anderson, and twenty-five will win a signed DVD and signed copy of the ‘Wes Anderson Collection’ book. Fans can enter the competition by donating $10 to The Film Foundation, a charity dedicated to preserving film heritage.

Watch the video below:

Visit Crowdwise for more information and to enter the competition.