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5 Things You Didn’t Know About… Splashh

Tuesday 31 January 2017
Words Spindle

Splashh make indie rock that is both scuzzy and dreamy, half garage and half psychedelic. Sasha Carlson and Toto Vivian have been making music together since they were teenagers in suburban Australia, and formed the band in 2012, now joined by Tom Beal and Jaie Gonzales. After their debut album ‘Comfort,’ which was recorded entirely on their own in their London flat-turned studio, the band spent a few years touring. This was followed by some time apart, divided between London and New York. They aimed to find different influences to bring together for their highly anticipated sophomore album, ‘Waiting a Lifetime,’ which was written in self-imposed exile. The album comes out this April, and takes the band’s sound into more raucous musical territory, yet maintains their sense of lo-fi, dreamy production. We can’t wait to hear new music from Splashh, and asked them to reveal five lesser-known facts about them.

1. Sasha’s greatest talent is making beds. Given the bare minimum to work with, he can create somewhere comfortable to sleep. It’s more like a sixth sense; comfort (his own and those around him) is of the upmost importance. This is very handy on tour and he takes great pride in it.

2. Toto was born in Italy. He eats two slices of pizza at a time and loves cats. For more information read the book ‘Toto in Italy.’

3. Jaie was in fact not born in Mexico. He is a mix of nationalities, none of which are from the American continents.

4. Beal has the most luscious mane of hair out of the group, but chooses not to grow it as it interferes with his rhythm.

5. Splashh is not a London or NYC based band. Beal and Toto live in London, Will lives in Berlin, Sasha and Jaie are gypsies. We are a bunch of Australians and an Englishman scattered around the world, so please now refer to the group as ‘Band of Earth.’

Listen to the new album’s title track ‘Waiting for a Lifetime’ below:

‘Waiting a Lifetime’ is out 14th April 2017. Splashh are also touring across the UK in April, click here for tickets.