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The Curious Case of Oliver Spencer

Tuesday 10 January 2017

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Words Spindle

Welcome to the Curious Case of Oliver Spencer – where being a true gentleman neither begins or ends during a defined bracket of time. We’re all gents, even if it’s the last thing we want to be – tough luck, you’re dressed like one! To explain a little less obscurely and aggressively, Oliver’s latest collection celebrates the true meaning of style rather than ‘sucking up’ to the recent fad trends. Whether you’re a silver haired success story or a bearded student who simply can’t afford to have a professional shave, every man has that gentry spirit about them.

So how did this collection convey such ‘free for all’? Well we had brollies being tapped along the concrete, soft kiss eskimo hats going all tough on us, and herringbone suits teased ever so slightly into sports territory. Grandad staples such as cardigans are renovated into the look of a young pretender who works in a thrift shop, and roll necks are worn by the refined models in a cutting and self-assured manner. There isn’t a consistent palette but this actually comes as quite refreshing – whether it’s a creamy pink or stripes of classic grey, there’s a sophisticated synergy in everything we see. Good work squire.

View the collection below: