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Introducing: Hazel English

Wednesday 04 January 2017

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Hazel English makes dreamy, shimmering indie tunes. Based in Oakland, California, the West Coast influence is clear in her music, with sun-drenched songs and a lo-fi sound. Her latest release is the stunning ‘Make It Better,’ the final track from her EP ‘Never Going Home.’ The EP is full of beautifully blurry, lilting guitar lines laced with reverb, bouncing drum beats, and Hazel’s floating, soaring and near hypnotic vocals.

Hazel describes her music as “Transportive. It makes you feel like you’re in a different place,” and there’s certainly a sense of escapism as you listen to her sunshine tinged songs. Many of her songs follow journey narratives, with the EP’s title track being about her leaving her native Australia for her new adopted home, and with its music video following her on a mountaintop journey. ‘Control’ also has a stunning video, seeing Hazel move through classic American iconography, from diners and motels to the Californian desert. If you like your indie hazy, dreamy, and lo-fi, then Hazel English makes the perfect music for you, and we expect her to continue going from strength to strength.

Watch the video for ‘Never Going Home’ below:

‘Never Going Home’ is out now and available to buy and stream online.